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    Olivier Rousteing & Beats Celebrate In Los AngelesFew things are worse than breaking up with your bae on your birthday.

    But, although Tyga was reportedly "devastated" when he and Kylie Jenner called it quits Thursday, he went on to celebrate his 26th birthday without her at Los Angeles hot spot 1 OAK Thursday night.

    At the time it wasn't clear why the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star or her family members weren't there to celebrate with him at his birthday bash, but Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx and A$AP Rocky were all there to help him ring it in, with DJ Samantha Ronson spinning hits throughout the night.
    We're told Tyga even hit the stage and performed "Rack City" as well as a few unreleased tracks. When he was done, his friends presented him with a golden birthday cake featuring Tyga's emblem, an Egyptian pharaoh.

    According to TMZ, the couple's break-up was "sudden and nasty," with a source telling the site it was sparked by "something Tyga did," although the source wouldn't be specific.

    Meanwhile, E! News reported that Kylie and the rapper "are on a break," with the source adding, "They were just a week or so ago talking about 'ever after' and things got messy this past week. Kylie wants time to just be by her self and do her. Tyga is not giving up as that's his one and only lady."

    The two reportedly called it quits right after Kylie returned from Australia, where she and Kendall were promoting their clothing line for Forever New.

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    In between jam sessions where we have '25' playing on a repeat loop, we managed to find this video of Adele posing as an Adele impersonator and it's everything.

    In the clip, for BBC Music, the songstress introduces herself as "Jenny," a soft-spoken nanny. She had to have a makeup team makeup in a way that made her look like NOT Adele, but still someone who was trying to look like Adele, which was a tricky task, but they pulled it off expertly.

    They used a prosthetic nose and chin, made her lips look smaller and did her eye makeup with more of a cat eye than the real Adele usually wears. This was the incredibly convincing result:
    When she met the other "Adeles" backstage, they had NO idea they were rubbing shoulders with the real Adele as she pretends to be nervous about her performance.

    Finally, when she gets on stage, she gets struck by a (fake) bout of stage fright and acts it out perfectly:
    Finally, she's ready to perform and as soon as she belts out the first note, the girls know something is up, but they aren't 100% sure this girl is who they think she is:
    About 10 seconds in, one "Adele" totally catches on and the others aren't too far behind her:
    And then, these lucky ladies realize they're sitting in the FRONT ROW at a private Adele concert and they just sit back and take it all in. ~ We would literally die! ~
    Were they mad that they got pranked? Hell no, look what they got out of it!

    We also have to give the girls mad props for being so nice to "Jenny" while she was nervous because they thought she was just a fellow impersonator and they were still so sweet to her. We're glad they got rewarded with such an awesome surprise, they deserve it - even if we are a little bit jealous!

    via GIPHY

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    denver  usa   june 25  2014 ...Shopping and pizza? This is a like a dream come true.

    If you've ever been shopping like crazy and worked up an appetite, Urban Outfitters will soon be your bliss. The clothing company announced this week that it has purchased Philadelphia-based restaurant group The Vetri Family, and when the deal is completed by the end of this year, every Urban Outfitters location will include a Pizzeria Vetri, according to the Huffington Post.

    How it will be included isn't clear just yet. When Pizzeria Vetro owner chef was asked if pizza would be served inside the stores, he said, "We're not going put a restaurant inside of a store. That, for sure, won't happen. We haven't plotted it out yet - most likely it will be a combination of some stores and lifestyle centers. But we have nothing planned out yet. We're basically in evaluation mode."

    That doesn't mean that the Urban Outfitters and Pizzeria Vetri teams won't provide pizza to hungry customers as they shop though. Maybe they'll give customers slices on the way out or will have a pizza station set up in the store? We'll take whatever we can get.

    While the combination of pizza and Urban Outfitters sounds like a dream to us, not everyone was so thrilled when the news was announced. Urban Outfitters stocks dropped less than a day after the company announced the purchase of Pizzeria Vetri, with shares falloing as much as 13 percent in early trading Tuesday, according to the Huffington Post.

    Still both companies are optimistic that their idea will take off (and so are we), with Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne telling Huffington Post in a statement, "Spending on casual dining is expanding rapidly, and thus, we believe there is tremendous opportunity to expand the Pizzeria Vetri concept."
    Fingers crossed that this idea catches on.

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    'Descendants' Paris Premiere At Cinema Publicis In ParisOne question that most actresses are tired of hearing when interviewed on the red carpet is "Who are you wearing?" It's not that fashion should be barred from the conversation - just that it shouldn't be the only thing that actresses are asked about while their male co-stars get the hard-hitting questions about their jobs. The Ask Her More campaign recently encouraged reporters not to stick to lazy questions for the often-amazing women that they interview, and now Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie is tackling red carpet sexism as inspired by the brilliant campaign.

    On the recent episode "Ask Her More-A-Rooney," actress Liv (Dove Cameron) is disappointed to find that all of the red carpet questions she's asked are about her hair and dress instead of her awesome role as a television superhero. Sadly, sometimes Liv isn't even asked questions: she's just complimented by reporters who then move on to asking her male co-star deeper questions. It's blatant sexism, and Liv is so not okay with it.

    Instead of dealing with the annoying non-questions, Liv (along with her pal Kristen Bell, who plays herself!) decides to change the conversation and talk about what she wants to talk about - which definitely isn't her hair. As Liv puts it in the episode, "All I could think about was that there were girls watching me at home, and it was so important to me that they hear me talk about more than just my appearance." Preach, girl.

    I love that this Disney Channel series is being critical of how the media talks about women, and is giving young viewers a TV role model who stands up against everyday sexism. Let's hope that this Liv and Maddie episode sets a trend for more TV shows to tackle similar issues - we deserve more.

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    Unless you've been in voluntary seclusion for the past 24 hours, you already know that Adele dropped 25 on Friday, Nov. 20, finally giving us her first album in nearly five years. While the musical gods most definitely blessed her with an amazing set of pipes, there a quite a few other singers (some famous, some not) who have shown their appreciation for her first single "Hello," not by attempting to impersonate Adele, but by putting their own unique spin on the heartbreak anthem.

    Demi Lovato

    The "Confident" singer covered "Hello" at the KISS FM Fall Ball and absolutely SLAYED it.

    Lydia Lee

    The Seoul Music High School student performed a breathtaking "Hello" cover that's so beautiful, it earned her an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show where she slayed "Hello" live.

    Dawn Richard It feels kind of strange to do a two-step to a song about heartbreak, but after listening to the way the former Danity Kane member completely transformed Adele's hit song, we can't but to groove our way through the pain.

    YouTuber Natalia "Talia" Olfindo

    At nine years old, Talia's version is nothing short of impressive.

    Joe Jonas and DNCE

    Don't let Joe's odd clown makeup scare you from listening to the group's distinct, rocked out version of Adele's hit.

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    Remember when stepping on a Lego with bare feet was the most painful experience you could suffer from a toy? Now a new kind of building toy is here that comes with its own set of challenges. Babysitters, beware: you do NOT want to get Bunchems in your hair.

    Like Legos, Bunchems are a great way for kids to design whatever their heart desires. Instead of traditional building blocks, kids link the circular Bunchems together, which they can do due to the toy's "hook and eye" design. Unfortunately, it's also this design that is spelling trouble for lots of children. Apparently the Bunchems don't just link easily to one another - they are also very easy to tangle into ones hair. Check out this photos and cringe:

    My poor girls. Whatever you do, do not purchase this evil toy. #evil#bunchems

    A photo posted by @ian_shomper on

    Toy fail!! Thanks Bella!😩👎🏼 #Bunchems

    A photo posted by Yesenia Guillen💜 (@y_guillen) on

    Okay, so maaaaaybe kids shouldn't be putting Bunchems in their hair in the first place (you just know that those Bunchems didn't "accidentally" get into their hair) but it's definitely a failing of the toy's design to have the Bunchems link so aggressively to hair. In response to these hair-disasters, Bunchems actually put out a video that gives a step-by-step guide to removing the toys from ones hair:So next time you're babysitting and the kids break out the Bunchems, maybe make sure that your hair is tucked safely away underneath a hat.

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    Celebrity Sightings In New York - October 28, 2015There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Kylie Jenner and Tyga's breakup, with theories as to what caused the split ranging from very possible to totally out there.

    The most understandable possible explanation that we've heard so far is that their schedules just got too busy and it was hard for them to find time together. According to TMZ, the pair was fighting over which events to attend together - and when they did, it meant one or the other scrapping their plans.

    Now, another theory has surfaced, claiming that Kylie and Tyga actually broke up over Kylie's rumored former boyfriend Jaden Smith.

    "Kylie and Jaden have been hanging out lately and it made Tyga suspicious. He thought something might be going on. So that was one issue," a source told E! News.

    Another source, however, tells them that's not the case. "She has a close relationship with Jaden since they were very young but nothing romantic has happened with them since she has been with Tyga. Jaden though will always love Kylie and Kylie will always have a love for Jaden. They grew up together and were each others' first loves," their second source explained.

    A third theory claims that it was "something Tyga did," although the source that revealed that to TMZ wouldn't elaborate.

    To the former couple's credit, they have remained tight-lipped about the whole thing and aren't airing any of their dirty laundry out in public.

    via GIPHY

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    If you think Kylie Jenner is sitting home sulking about her breakup with Tyga, think again! The 18-year-old enjoyed her Friday night out on the town in West Hollywood with pals Justin Bieber and A$AP Rocky, along with about 10 of their other friends.

    Interestingly enough, A$AP Rocky was at Tyga's birthday party on Thursday night (where Kylie's notable absence tipped everyone off about the split). So, it's kind of strange that he would be out with Kylie the following night, especially because their breakup was supposedly "nasty," but it looks like as a mutual friend, he's just trying to be a good pal to both of them.

    Another interesting thing is the fact that Kylie spent the evening at The Nice Guy, the same place that Tyga kicked off his birthday bash, although it has been a favorite spot of both Kylie and Tyga in previous months (Kylie celebrated her birthday there, too!), so it's not out of the ordinary for either of them to be there on any given night. Hopefully they won't both end up there at the same time, because that might be a little awkward.

    via GIPHY

    The good news is that despite a very fresh breakup, Kylie seemed to be in very good spirits. According to E! News, she was 'happily chatting with friends' and was snapping photos with them in the photo booth.

    There are a lot of rumors circulating as to why the couple broke up, but it seems like their busy schedules were causing some conflicts and it was tough for them to find time together - or decide whose even took precedence when they wanted to attend something together.

    Either way, it looks like they're both handling the split pretty well and who even knows if this is officially "the end" for these two.

    via GIPHY

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    Equinox Presents Well, that was quick!

    Kylie Jenner wants everyone to calm down with the breakup talk about herself and Tyga and she shared this pic on Snapchat to prove that things are just fine between the two of them.
    We don't know where they were when this pic was taken (doesn't look like Kylie's house), but they definitely seem to be back in each other's good graces.

    And in case the caption alone doesn't prove that it's Tyga (who else would it be?), check out the tattoo on the top of his left hand. Unless she happened be cuddling up with someone that had exactly the same rose tattoo on THEIR left hand, it's definitely T-Raww.

    Hated by Many & The City still mine I just state my opinion.

    A photo posted by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on

    If they are, in fact, back together, the media frenzy that ensued over the last 24 hours surrounding their - very temporary - break is proof of exactly what Kylie was talking about in her recent interview with Elle Canada, when she explained why she doesn't share much about her relationships.

    "I do think that if you let people in too deep, it gets hard - your fans get too invested, and then they know when you break up and make up," she told them. "I don't want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I'd rather keep some things private."

    Makes perfect sense, especially after the events of this week. Sounds like this has happened before, it's just the first time everyone found out - and she's right, we all did freak out a little bit.

    via GIPHY

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    Outside the box - Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell.Spencer Hastings may be the serious sleuth on Pretty Little Liars, but the actress who plays her, Troian Bellisario, is a total goofball - at least according to her hilarious Instagram account. Troian recently chronicled a recent fan mail experience on her social media account, and it's pretty much everything you could have asked for.

    Lots of actress are able to receive fan mail, and sometimes that includes photographs that fans want signed by their fave PLL star. Of course, usually these photos are actually of that star they want to sign it - which isn't exactly what happened when Tod sent Troian this photo:

    Sometimes signing fan mail is the best.

    A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

    Okay, so Tod wasn't terribly far off when he sent Troian this photo - it may not be of her, but it IS of Josie Loren, who was the star of former ABC Family series Make It Or Break It. Oddly it seemed that Troian was at the same event where the above picture was taken. Here's the shot that Tod should have sent Troian:11th Annual Maxim Hot 100 PartyOf course, the bizarre photo of Josie wasn't the only pic that Tod wanted signed. Troian also posted some other pics he asked for, which came with more than just the standard "Thanks for being a fan!" message from Troian:

    Tod asks a lot.

    A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

    Gotta love Troian for finding the humor in this bizarre fan mail situation. Now it seems that Pretty Little Liars fans have a new question to ponder. Forget "Who is A?" - now what we need to know is "Who is TOD?!?"

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    A recent double diva sighting has us in full-fledged fangirl mode.

    On Friday, Nov. 20, Britney Spears hit the stage in Vegas for her "Piece of Me" concert at Planet Hollywood, where Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted front row and center watching the singer's Sin City slayage in person.

    PEOPLE reports that several members of the Beyhive tweeted snapshots of Bey and Jay chillin' in the audience. Fans also spotted Queen Bey getting her entire life to Brit's "Oops!...I Did it Again."

    Back in October, the "Drunk in Love" singer and her mini-me Blue Ivy had an amazing mommy-daughter date night at a Janet Jackson concert where they rocked out in the audience and later went backstage to snap pics with tween dancers Taylor Hatala and Kyndall Harris.

    Get it, Bey! We love how she takes time out of her busy bow-inducing schedule to show love and we'll have to keep our eyes peeled to see where she shows up next.

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    2015 CFDA Fashion Awards - Inside ArrivalsIf you don't already know by now, Kim Kardashian isn't exactly a fan of being pregnant, so it comes as no surprise that reality star already has her sights set on a pricey push present to make up for all those dreadful pregnancy struggles.

    When Kanye West asked everyone to sport fake baby bumps to Kim's baby shower, that might've made for a really sweet gesture but Yeezy's bae wants a gift to last a lifetime when she makes him a proud father of two in the coming weeks: a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker.

    Leaving Kanye no choice but to get the gift right, Kim tweeted a photo of herself sporting the gorgeous glittering accessory at last year's Art + Film gala in Los Angeles.

    Wowza! Who else needs shades after staring directly into all that shine?

    "I like the idea of a push present-after nine months of pregnancy it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you," Kim wrote on her website. "We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby...of course it only makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are! LOL!"

    Too funny, Kim. With that not-so-subtle hint, we're sure she'll be flossing that choker before baby number two arrives.

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    Smithsonian Magazine's 2015 American Ingenuity AwardsI'm going to confess something to you, dear sweet readers: I have bizarre, unreasonable and age-inappropriate crushes on a couple of celebrities. But not just any celebrities - I tend to fall head over heels for the ones that have something to teach me about a topic. Like Alton Brown and his Good Eats (he taught me how to grill cheese), Anthony Bourdain and his everything, and then one of my all-time favorite childhood loves: Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    Don't hate. Bill Nye is a flippin' genius, and anyone that can talk science to me in a way that makes sense - all while wearing a bad a** bowtie - definitely ranks up there on the babe-o-meter. Science is sexy, you guys, and Bill is definitely having a moment right now. He's releasing a new book about climate change, and he also may or may not have a rad new show on National Geographic called Bill Nye's Global Meltdown, which may or may not have already broken the internet when one of the promo photos became a viral meme...

    bill nye meme
    And he's also proving himself to be fashion-forward with his bow tie collaboration with menswear designer, Nick Graham. That's right. Bill Nye has his own line of bow ties. In an interview he did with Fashionista, our favorite scientist admitted that while he'd been offered the chance to endorse bow ties before now, it wasn't until he met the founder of Joe Boxer that everything clicked. In fact, Bill has a lot more interest in fashion and beauty than we might have ever imagined.

    Who are Bill's style icons? "Humphrey Bogart's characters in his movies, Fred Astaire, James Bond. That's it. Whatever they're wearing, I'm in." He told Fashionista, but perhaps his favorite fashion inspiration is his dad. "I wear a bow tie, and I don't know if I'm able to achieve this, but my aunt used to describe my father as 'crisp,'" he said, "my father was very crisp, and she liked it. I think that's cool. I'd like to be crisp."

    Bill also appreciates being dapper for his audience, saying he appreciates the way Jerry Seinfeld dresses up for his audience: "Seinfeld wears a tie and sport coat when he does stand-up because he says you want to dress better than the audience," he said, "for me it's a little more subtle than that: You want to dress that way out of respect for the audience. I've come here, you've paid money to come see me, I'm going to dress up for you." Can we possibly love him more? Yes. Yes, we can. Because he also has a lot of insight into beauty rituals.

    "Just know that I have no endorsement in this at all, but I use Pond's," he told Fashionista, "Pond's is an ancient product. My grandmother used Pond's. And so do I." And he uses it twice a day, saying he became addicted to eye creams when his friend introduced him to Mary Kay's men's products many years ago. He's always open to trying new products, but he said he definitely "does not embrace the super expensive," because he doesn't believe those products are necessarily better than their lower-priced counterparts.

    He also is a new believer of the Art of Shaving, and shaves every day out of habit. He's skeptical of the one-bladed razor, saying "multiple [blades] gives you a much closer shave, are you high?! [Laughing] And I know a lot of people use electric razors, but it just doesn't get as close a shave."

    Bill may be a self-described "old guy," but it's no secret that he has a glorious mane. How does he do it? "I air dry it, with a towel. Have you seen that technology? It's a cotton cloth that you rub on your hair." In fact, he feels extremely passionate about the topic of hair dryers. He hates them - not only are they damaging to our hair, but they hurt the environment, too: "A conventional hair dryer uses about fifteen hundred watts. That's over a horsepower. So an Olympic cyclist, a guy or a gal at the top of his game, cannot, at 100 percent efficiency, pedal hard enough to drive your hair dryer. If you want to save energy, if you want to do something for the environment, think about that."

    We're on board with you, Bill. Stay crisp. And if you ever need a shopping buddy, you just let us know.

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    lady's hand using a dial pad on ...Online used-car company Carvana has made quite possibly the coolest vending machine ever (next to the french fry machine in Australia, of course): A vending machine where you can buy a car. The car company sells used cars online, and this month it expanded operations to providing cars from a five-story vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee:

    Buyers still have to purchase the car from Carvana's website, but they have the opportunity to pick up the car from the vending machine in Nashville. Once they get to the vending machine, buyers must insert a special coin to retrieve their car, staying true to typical vending-machine fashion.

    What if you don't live in Nashville? You can still get a car from the fancy vending machine. Carvana will provide buyers with up to $200 in airfare to fly to Nashville, plus airport transportation. The company also plans to add more vending machines around the country. Hopefully one is near Tyga, so he can store all of his ex-girlfriends' cars.

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    Harry Styles 2015 AMAs American Music Awards floral suitWe'll say one thing for Harry Styles: the One Direction star has no problem taking fashion risks. Also? He has so much confidence about it, you sometimes barely notice how cray his fashion choices are.

    Case in point: check out the floral Gucci suit he wore to the 2015 American Music Awards. While other celeb guys were gracing the AMAs red carpet in more typical awards show styles (Niall admitted, "I look like a Wall Street banker"), Harry took it effing next level.

    Yep, that's Harry wearing a white Gucci suit with a black floral pattern. Oh yeah...and totally owning it like a BOSS. We love that he's willing to branch out from the usual guy style and embrace something so fashion forward, but realize this isn't everyone's cup of tea.

    What do you think of Harry's flowery suit? Bonus points for his flowery necktie!

    One Direction American Music Awards AMAs floral suit pic

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    NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 20:  (Exclusive Coverage) Adele performs onstage during iHeartRadio presents Adele's album premiere live at Joe's Pub on November 20, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)While everyone is busy dropping covers of Adele's hit single "Hello," the British singer has her sights set on remixing another hot track. Apparently, Adele is a huge fan of Drake's "Hotline Bling" (who isn't?) and wants to lace the track with her silky smooth vocals, Billboard reports.

    "I really want us to do an official remix," Adele told etalk's Danielle Graham. "I love Drake. I love Drake so much. I even got the coat that's in the video - I got it delivered the other day, I ordered it. The red one."

    No word on whether Drake is actually down with the idea of Adele remixing his famous ode to late-night hookups but he totally should be because refusing her offer would be insane (take the hint, Drizzy). On Saturday, he posted a sweet Instagram shoutout to the British singer in the form of an animated pic of Adele and himself - wearing the famous coat.

    "Me and my main ting just coolin'," he captioned the photo.

    Me and my main ting just coolin. 😍

    A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

    Alright, Drake. If you're claiming Adele as your "main ting," can we get you two to make that "Hotline Bling" together already? Thanks in advance.

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    2015 American Music Awards - ArrivalsWe know all about California Gurls, thanks to Katy Perry. But what's the difference between American and Australian girls? That's the burning question Giuliana Rancic asked 5 Seconds of Summer on the American Music Awards red carpet.

    The guys scored an "A" in diplomacy and modesty with their response. "In America, they prefer Australian guys," said Luke Hemmings, chalking it up to the exotic factor. "But in Australia we don't do as well." Hmm, we find that a little hard to believe. 1D seem to do okay in England, after all. (Australian fans, please feel free to set the record straight below.)

    Any other differences? "American girls are faster runners," said Ashton Irwin, who has been chased by a fan on an occasion or two. "And higher jumpers." Can't argue with that. Their performance tonight sure had fans out of their seats.

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    2015 American Music Awards - ShowWowza! J. Lo just showed all award show hosts how the job should be done.

    Seriously, everyone knows the singer can werk a stage but she just took the slayage to an entirely different level. The "Booty" singer opened the American Music Awards with a slowed-down rendition of her dance single "Waiting For Tonight," but quickly took the gloves off by launching into a medley of all the biggest hits, including Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood," Fetty Wap's "Hotline Bling," The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" and more.

    Backed by an army of dancers and donning an insane catsuit that's officially on our Fall Fashion wishlist, J. Lo even got her twerk on to Beyonce's "7/11" and somehow managed to make Drake's "Hotline Bling" choreography look crazy, sexy and cool.

    To close out the performance, she threw on a fur-lined jacket to slay Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money." Basically, she left it all on the stage and we're completely amazed.

    Before she set the stage on fire, J. Lo told the audience, "It's not about me. It's about the music," but with that insane number, she nearly stole the show.

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    2015 American Music Awards - ArrivalsGigi Hadid rocked her long locks at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, so we were shocked to see her chop them all off in her debut on the American Music Awards red carpet tonight. We asked ourselves, Who's her stylist? How do we get the Gigi bob?

    Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic had the same question, and Gigi let Giuliana (and us) in on a little secret: "You can check back tomorrow to see if I have short hair." Does that mean it's a wig, bobby pins, what is going on?! "There's tricks of the trade," she coyly added.

    So she's pulling a Kylie Jenner! For those of you who are obsessed with Gigi's long mane, check her Insta tomorrow to see it in all of its luxurious glory, but tonight, the model's chicest accessory is her new 'do.

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    Harry styles Gigi Hadid AMAsIs there bad blood between Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid? In this blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment, Harry and Gigi cross paths on the 2015 American Music Awards red carpet...and it's the most awk thing ever.

    Of course, there's plenty of buzz that it has something to do with Taylor Swift - because she's Gigi's bestie and Harry's ex-gf. We're guessing it probably was no big deal, but Harry looked a little put out, giving a bit of an eye roll after Gigi kind of snubbed him.

    Giuliana Rancic brought Gigi up with the 1D guys and she shook Harry's hand before hugging Liam, Louis and Niall. What gives with that?

    Harry did give Gigi a little goodbye wave at the end, so we're guessing thing are fine between them:

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