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    Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 29, 2015Well, this explains why Kylie Jenner wasn't at Tyga's birthday party last night.

    The celeb couple has reportedly called it quits and according to TMZ, it was 'sudden and nasty,' with a source claiming it was "something Tyga did," although they wouldn't specify. They also report that Kylie's sister, Kendall Jenner, was out to dinner with friends on Thursday night and had some harsh words to say about the rapper, which might explain this Instagram photo that she posted yesterday.


    A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

    "They are on a break," a source confirmed to E! News. "They were just a week or so ago talking about 'ever after' and things got messy this past week. Kylie wants time to just be by her self and do her. Tyga is not giving up as that's his one and only lady."

    The breakup supposedly happened right after Kylie returned from Australia, where she and Kendall were promoting their clothing line for Forever New.

    While no members of the famous fam have said anything about the breakup on social media, it's what they DIDN'T say that first tipped people off, as NONE of them mentioned Tyga's birthday yesterday, which is very unusual for them.

    Tyga is reportedly "devastated" about the breakup and while it supposedly happened over something he did, insiders connected with the 26-year-old told E! News that he denies "doing anything" at all.

    Story developing...

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    If you plan to challenge Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Lip Sync Battle, then you better bring your A-game or prepare to have your a** handed to you.

    While his challenger Anthony Mackie pulled off a hilarious rendition of MC Hammer's "2 Legit to Quit" that thoroughly entertained (and caused us to cringe a little bit, TBH), it was no match for JGL's take on Janet Jackson's famous "Rhythm Nation" choreography.

    After putting his spin on Usher's 2004 hit "Yeah!" (complete with pelvic thrusts and Thunderclaps), The Walk actor went all out for the military-inspired routine and completely committed to recreating Janet's throwback look. Sporting a long ponytail, a fully made up face, complete with a poppin' red lip and intense facial expressions, JGL channeled Janet to a tee.

    But the obvious standout from JGL's throwback ode to Janet came in the middle of the performance when he effortlessly slayed the singer's classic choreography and blew everyone away.

    Whew! We already knew Joseph had moves - he totally killed his previous Lip Sync performances of "Tiny Dancer" and Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" - but after this amazing routine, we're left with no choice but to bow down to the lip sync king.

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    It's been quite a week in retail news for beauty obsessives.

    After we learned about Sephora's exciting new store concept, Fashionista reports that Macy's will be launching a Korean beauty shop-in-shop next week in collaboration with e-commerce K-beauty retailer Peach & Lily. The location will be the Macy's in Flushing, Queens, New York City. This is Peach & Lily's first bricks-and-mortar location.

    "I kept dreaming of that offline retail store where we could meet our consumers face-to-face and understand exactly what their skin type and skin needs are, provide immediate support on how to tweak, totally change or upgrade a current skincare routine, and show/demo products that would really work to transform skin to a healthy radiant glow," writes Peach & Lily CEO Alicia Yoon in a blog post.

    Her vision comes alive in a shop that offers a bespoke beauty consultation for every customer. You can opt for a skin analysis with a Beauty Coach, who will then guide you through a Korean beauty routine. For those who are just browsing, the products are organized by step in the K-beauty ritual, with lots of written content and digital screens to steer you through on your own.
    GIPHYIn addition to most of the brands already on Peach & Lily, Alicia is also introducing a couple new brands like Herbolle and Lady & Skin.

    Well, there goes our next paycheck.

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    Welcome to six degrees of separation: celebrity family edition.

    Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner's relationship extends far beyond the set of 2013's American Hustle. Popular genealogy site did some poking and prodding around the two stars' lineage and discovered that Jennifer and Jeremy are cousins IRL, reports Refinery 29.

    If that doesn't blow your mind, the unintentional manner in which this familial connection was discovered totally will. People reports that the site was initially trying to find a link between J. Law and her Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson, who both have ties to Kentucky.

    Michelle Ercanbrack, an Ancestry family historian, explained, "Later, we were researching Jeremy Renner and noticed he had a Tague family line from Kentucky, which looked familiar." From there, the site discovered the two stars had the same relative named Robert Tague, who they then identified as J. Law's fifth great-grandfather and Jeremy's fourth. That makes them fifth cousins, once removed.

    Hmmm...does anyone see a resemblance between the two stars? Confused AF by that genetic breakdown (we might be, just a little bit)? Well, just save your brain some stress and just stick to calling them cousins.

    Now that J. Law and Jeremy share the same DNA, he might want to prepare for her to roll up at his house uninvited and unannounced, that is, when she decides to give her neighbors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis a break from her spur-of-the moment visits.

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    portrait of man in sunlight in parkLet's just be clear: We by no means put on our makeup for guys. When we shape our brows to fleek status and wing our eyeliner to the heavens, we are doing it for us. But that doesn't mean we don't occasionally wonder if guys actually notice. Do they know the pain of getting red lipstick out of our lip's lines and consequently, all along our face? Do they have any idea that our lash game takes an ungodly amount of money and a little piece of our soul every time we try to curl them to death-defying lengths? Do they even know what mascara is?

    Our bet was probs not. But to give dudes of the world the benefit of the doubt, we decided to ask them. We went through a list of products us ladies use on the reg, and asked guys between the ages of 20 and 25 one simple question: Do you notice if we're wearing it? We were completely prepared for a lot of confused looks and some shoulder shrugs but what we got was much different. Turns out guys do notice your makeup. At least kind of.
    Women touching up make up in car at night time.

    What's the First Thing You Notice?

    "I usually notice when a girl has a lot of coverup on (I think that's what it's called) on their cheeks and stuff. And eyeshadow," Brandon, 22.

    Not sure if he means foundation or blush, but we feel you Brandon.

    "Eyeliner and lipstick I would say are the ones that stand out," Nico, 22.

    "Eyeliner and eye shadow definitely," Ian, 24.

    "I definitely notice [makeup] but it's more apparent when they wear it often and then don't one day," Chris, 22.

    "I notice, like eye makeup. And anything that's not the natural color. And I notice when someone is wearing way too much of it," Dan, 20.

    Basically, if it's overtly obvious, he'll see it, ladies.
    "If someone would skip mascara for a day, I don't think I'd notice at all," Robin, 24.

    "I could usually tell if a girl's wearing mascara, but it's not the first thing I notice," Pat, 21.

    "Just called my girlfriend. I thought mascara was the stuff you put on your cheeks," Nico, 22.

    But...imagine if we did put mascara on our cheeks? Maybe they'd notice it then?

    Lipstick Gets Mixed Reviews

    "If you're putting on makeup, lipstick should be a part of that. It's the first thing I notice missing. Secretly, every man loves wiping a big, smoochie kiss mark off their face," Robin, 24.

    "I hate lipstick, and can almost always notice when it's there," Mike, 22.

    "I guess it depends on the color. If it's a really different color than natural, yeah I like it," Brandon, 22.

    The jury is out with the boys, but we're still sticking with our go-to fire engine red on the weekends. #sorrynotsorry

    Eyeliner Is a Complete Hit

    "I personally think eyeliner makes girls beautiful! That's what I notice the most," Chris, 22.

    "Eyeliner usually looks good," Dan, 20.

    "When girls do that smokey, pointy thing with their eyeliner, they look like a fierce cat, and I want to know more," Dave, 25.

    "Yeah, eyeliner's chill. Though I recall a time in middle school when girls were just learning to use eyeliner and it was weird. But one day, they got the hang of it and it was gravy from then, on," Ian, 24.

    But They all Totes Get Brows on Fleek

    "Brows on fleek for me means that they are perfect; there is little to no error or imperfection. To be honest, I feel as though to achieve this, it depends form person to person. If I had to guess, maybe a lot of plucking and contouring. If contouring is even a thing for makeup," Matt, 20.

    Matt, you totes just won Beauty King, and you don't even know it.

    "It means that someone took care of their eyebrows to the point of being exquisite! I mean, it can still be big eyebrows like Emilia Clarke or Cara Delevingne, but when they're taken care of, they're #onfleek," Robin, 24.

    "It means catching your attention in a way that makes you have to take notice," Ian, 24.

    Like we said before, how much or how little a guy notices our beauty job isn't going to stop us from looking our best. But at least we know they completely get when our brow game is strong. And that we could totes trick them into thinking that our mascara wands hold special powers that only women know the secrets of, which is pretty much true.

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    Miley Cyrus at the 46th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards - ArrivalsMiley Cyrus has real-life issues like us, y'all!

    The twerking singer went to Instagram the other day to show off some makeup frustration after attempting to put her face on for the day. She had a crappy run-in with her own eyelash curler, and it was a doozy.

    Apparently when Miley used the curler on her lovely lady lashes, the contraption broke off her hairs. Uh, yikes!

    She posted a photo which featured her lash line with a rather noticeable chunk missing. "F*cking curler chopped my dayummmm lash!" she wrote as the pic's caption.

    Fucking curler chopped my dayummmm lash!

    A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

    We know, her pic gave us a bit of anxiety, too. Don't worry, though. This little mishap can be avoided. You can stop all that breakage by making sure that there is no mascara on your lashes and no sticky remnants on your curler.

    According to YouBeauty, "mascara on the eyelashes can cause your eyelashes to stick to the curler, consequently causing them to break."

    We're surprised Miley didn't turn this ish into a beauty trend. You know how she gets down!

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    Clueless may be a '90s flick, but we still haven't quite advanced to the point of getting Cher's ah-mazing virtual closet into all of our homes. You may not be able to view all of your outfits on display the way Cher does when scrolling through her Calvin Klein dresses, but Ralph Lauren has the next best thing. Ralph Lauren's high-tech dressing rooms will amaze you, and give you serious Clueless throwback vibes.

    Writer Bianca Heyward at Refinery29 tested out Ralph Lauren's new fitting rooms and described her experience as nothing short of magical, even comparing the room's "smart mirror" to that of Snow White's. So what is a smart mirror? According to Bianca, it's a mirror that can actually tell what items you brought into the dressing room, using small RFID chips. It can then recommend other items for you to try on with your outfit, give you the option of requesting an item in a different size, or look for other color options. All of these things appear right on the touch screen mirror - which is even more technologically advanced than Cher's digitally organized closet.Perhaps the best thing about these high-tech dressing rooms is that you no longer need to awkwardly exit the dressing room in order to grab a different item. Think the dress you brought in will look even better in red than blue? Simply tap a few buttons on the mirror and a sales assistant will come to your room with the dress. It definitely makes shopping a lot less frustrating.

    While it's awesome that Ralph Lauren has these dressing rooms, I can't wait until they come to stores that are a little more budget friendly, like Forever21. Not having to sift through racks of clothes to find your perfect look? I'm so about that life.

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    One Direction Harry Styles lawyer louis tomlinson teacherImagine a world in which One Direction doesn't exist. We know, we don't want to think about it either. Thankfully, they do exist and we've loved watching their wild meteoric rise to fame.

    But what if they didn't land this amazing gig?

    Turns out, Harry Styles had his sights set on something we never would have expected: he said he'd have studied to be a lawyer!

    During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harry revealed, "I wanted to be a physiotherapist and then all my teachers told me, 'No jobs in that.' [So] I decided I wanted to be a lawyer."

    We love that he followed it up with this disclaimer: "This happened before I had to start working hard enough to be a lawyer. Now I can be like, I would have been a lawyer."

    Louis Tomlinson wanted to be a teacher, while Niall Horan said he doesn't "have a clue" what he'd be, explaining, "I don't know how I would have done on my exams, but I hope I would have gone to university. What would have happened there is a different story."

    We're glad that wasn't the story!

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    Cafeteria foodAnyone who has eaten lunch in a high school cafeteria knows that it's hardly the best meal you've ever had, but this new report may make you want to avoid the caf for quite some time. According to a report from USA Today, a student at Clover High School in Clover, South Carolina found something seriously disgusting in her school lunch. Brace yourself, people: it was a worm. Excuse me while I go vomit.

    As someone whose biggest phobia is finding a bug in her food, this story gives me all of the icky feels. Jennifer Sain, the worm-finder's mother, felt the same way, and wasn't that thrilled by the school cafeteria's initial response. Jennifer's daughter sent her a text of the worm in her food immediately after seeing it, and it's very clearly not something you want to eat - even though a cafeteria worker insisted it was just a "piece of rice that didn't puff." Umm... no. Fortunately, the school realized that this worm was a bit of an issue, and could pose a health threat for other students. The school quickly contacted the company that supplied the meal to the school, and also had the health inspector come in to check out the cafeteria. According to a statement from the school, "the Department of Health and Environmental Control... gave food service operations a 100% for sanitation and food safety practices." If that's the case, it seems that the worm may have gotten in through the supplier, not the school.

    Unfortunate things like this can happen at any food service establishment, but it's hard to blame students if they feel a bit uncomfortable eating from the cafeteria for a few weeks. PB&J's are your new BFF, Clover students.

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    When this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was being filmed, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were RIGHT in the middle of their breakup, which was a tough time for both of them. As if breakups aren't hard enough, the couple had been together for nine years and has three kids together, so that definitely adds another few layers.

    In this sneak peek from this week's episode, Kim Kardashian is talking to Kourtney about Scott and she's talking kind of quietly, but Kourt is usually pretty soft-spoken, so Kim didn't really think anything of it.

    After Kourtney says there is "a lot that would have to happen" for him to get on a good path, Kim asks if she would ever forgive him and get back with him and just as Kourt is starting to answer, Scott walks in! Awkward!

    Kim didn't even know that Scott was at the house and she's understandably a little annoyed that first of all, Kourtney didn't say that he'd spent the night and second of all, that she didn't tell Kim she was there before they full-on started talking about him.

    Fortunately, Scott didn't even seem to hear their convo and when he walked into the room, he only seemed worried about finding his car keys.

    **This episode airs Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT on E!**

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    Woman doing the Brazilian wax hair removalWe've made a decision: Whoever decided that women should be removing all of their body hair is our public enemy, No. 1. Ever since women started tweezing brows, shaving legs and waxing off just about everything in between, us ladies have had to suffer the pain, frustration and discomfort that comes with hair removal. It's expensive, it's time consuming and it'll often leave behind a rash that looks like an ancient disease rearing its ugly head once again.

    That being said, we can be total suckers for the feeling of smooth, silky skin. And because we're probably not going to stop shaping our brows 'til they reach fleek status or pretending hair doesn't grow underneath our arms, we figured we should rank all of the best hair removal methods around. Whether you've tried one or tried them all, you may know what works best for you. But if you're still in search of finding that one method that'll get rid of those unsightly hairs for the longest possible time, we got you covered. We made ourselves guinea pigs, and here is our complete, honest input.

    Yes, some methods may be pricier than others, but they're also insanely worth it.

    5. Shaving

    Ah, our good friend the razor. Simple, reliable and cheap, our razors will always be our first stop toward hair removal town. But if you think about it, razors are actually the worst. When it comes to getting rid of your hair, razors will probably keep the stubble away for about a day or two. And if you have coarser hair like some of us, your hair may start to grow back later that day.
    Harry StylesUgh.

    Shaving also leads to a series of unavoidable mishaps. We've all cut ourselves at one time or another or got irritation from a dull razor. But the worst by far is getting ingrown hairs. According to She Knows, razors cut your hair on an angle, which can make hair grow back inward and lead to ingrown hairs. These are especially common around the bikini area and can lead to an infection. Not to mention rusty razors can also cause infections.

    4. Threading/Tweezing

    Tweezing and threading are good at removing hair by the root but are still limited in their hair removal capabilities. With tweezing, your hair may not come back for about three to eight weeks (depending on how thick it is), but this method can also be very irritating. If you tweeze a hair and it breaks off at the root, Web MD says that this can also lead to ingrown hairs and infections.

    Threading on the other hand, is better for your skin causing a lot less damage. It similarly will last for about three to eight weeks and is far less painful than plucking each, individual hair. But both methods are only good for areas on your face like your brows - unless you're into tweezing all of your leg hairs. #nojudgment

    3. Creams

    There are a wide assortment of over-the-counter creams you can buy that will get rid of hair without the use of a razor and with minimal pain. Products like Nair work by dissolving the proteins that make up your hair after a few minutes of having the cream on. The cream can then be taken off in the wash or with a specified applicator. This works best for areas like your legs, under arms and bikini area and will last from a few days to a few weeks depending on how thick your hair is.

    Yes, creams are tempting because they're inexpensive and seem simple, but there are a lot of downsides to them as well. Certain cream formulas can be very irritating and cause a burning while applied. Make sure you're not allergic to the chemicals inside of the creams if you choose this method. They're also pretty famous for not smelling that great; some will come with a scent, but once you put them on, it's hard to avoid the smell of your hair being burnt off (bleh).

    Like the other methods, creams don't prevent you from getting ingrown hairs. Thicker creams may also clog your drain when you're trying to wash them off, so be careful! Web MD warns that if you leave the cream on too long, it could take off some of your skin with the hair.
    beyonceHard pass.

    2. Waxing

    Probably the most painful method on the list, waxing is infamous for ripping out your hairs and a piece of your soul with it. There's nothing appealing about the idea of having hot wax poured onto some of the most sensitive areas of your body, only to have it violently ripped off by a woman who seems a bit like she's laughing at you. But when you finally feel your baby-soft skin and realize that feeling will last between three to six weeks, it all becomes worth it.

    Waxing can be a good idea depending on the area you're choosing to treat. Waxing your brows, for example, isn't nearly as painful as waxing your bikini area or under your arms. Your legs can be pretty manageable, too, if you have a higher pain tolerance and can drift off to a happy place.

    The downsides to waxing? It's still possible to get ingrown hairs. That, and it's pricey. Depending on what you're getting done and where you're going, waxing can range anywhere from $10 to $200.
    horrifiedThat may actually hurt more than anything.

    1. Laser Treatment

    If you're willing to shell out some cash to have your hair gone for good, laser hair removal is for you. During a treatment, laser beams target hairs on designated areas by destroying them at their root. After one treatment, the hair will be gone for a few weeks. You will need between six to 12 treatments if you're looking for the removal to become permanent. The good news? The more you do it, the lighter hair will become, so even if you can't afford all of the treatments, you will still benefit from a few.

    I've gotten laser hair removal done on my legs, and it was relatively painless. Certain, sensitive areas sting more than others, but the results are stunning. I can't remember the last time I shaved. And treatments tend not to cause too much irritation. Your skin may be red, but it doesn't last. You should also stay away from the sun once you've had a treatment.
    yasThe downsides? Some laser treatments won't work on darker skin because the laser has a more difficult time targeting the hair. Technology is improving though, and certain laser treatment centers have the ability to offer the service on darker skin. But if you're going tanning that week, you probably shouldn't go for your laser treatment. And yeah, it's pricey. One treatment, depending on the area, can be anywhere from $75 to $400. Or you can invest in an at-home laser like the Tria, which costs about $450.

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    iHeartRadio Presents Adele's Album Premiere Live from Joe's PubWith the release of her highly anticipated album 25, Adele is probably in the midst of a major turnup sesh. Amidst all the excitement, the British singer took time out to pen a sweet letter to her fans that should definitely soften the hearts of anyone who's still sulking over not being able to stream Adele's new album.

    Taking to her Facebook page, Adele expressed her gratitude over the success of her musical return, which included a record-breaking amount of YouTube views for her video "Hello." "This feels like such a long time coming, my new album is finally out," she wrote. "I am so overwhelmed and grateful to be able to even put another record out, and put it out how i want. the last month has been a whirlwind, its literally taken my breath away. i hope you enjoy the record as much as i enjoyed making it for you. see you on the other side... love adele x."

    Aww! Adele is breaking records and stealing hearts with this new album. If you haven't already downloaded 25 (srsly, WTF are you waiting for?), check out this ah-mazing live performance of "When We Were Young," which will give you yet another reason to get on board with Adele's comeback.

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    2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show  - Hair And MakeupBy now, you certainly know the glowy merits of strobing: a low-maintenance way to contour your face using creamy highlighter. But did you know it's also a thing for your hair?

    Like strobing for the skin, hair strobing adds shimmer to the parts of the hair where sun naturally reflects, allowing you to call attention to your best features, according to Miss Vogue.

    Not surprisingly, Gigi Hadid's colorist has been using this technique to somehow make her even more #Flawless.

    "Gigi Hadid is also a fantastic example of cool and effortless color that lights up the face and makes the features pop," Color Director Nalan Derby of ​​Andrew Jose​ salon in London told Miss Vogue.​ "Her lights are more piecey than the blended balayage we have seen over the last few seasons, however it's just the right balance of light and shade to be the perfect illustration of how this strobing effect can lift the face."

    If you're gonna strobe, go two shades darker and two shades lighter than your natural color and see how it naturally calls attention to your best features. Girl, glow hard!

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    Chipotle Closes Over 40 Restaurants In Portland Area Over E. Coli OutbreakSheesh, things aren't exactly looking up for Chipotle. Only a few weeks have passed since the chain shuttered 43 of its restaurants due to an E. Coli outbreak, but believe it or not ish just got worse for the popular Mexican grill.

    According to CNN, the Center for Disease Control reports that 45 illnesses spanning six states are directly linked to Chipotle restaurants. Those numbers are up from the 11 illnesses and two states that were cited in the reports on the original outbreak.
    Uh, yeah. It's that serious.

    As previously reported, officials first linked the outbreak to restaurants in Washington state and Oregon. However another round of lab tests connects additional illnesses in California, New York, Ohio and Minnesota with the outbreak, despite having excluded the latter state from the list as recent as last week, the CDC reports.

    Even more damning, all but two of the individuals affected by the outbreak said they fell ill within a week of eating Chipotle. Officials are still investigating the source of the contamination, but they have reason to believe that a single ingredient is the culprit.

    Fortunately, Chipotle chairman and co-CEO Steve Ells is committed to cleaning up the restaurant chains and getting them back on track to serve food that doesn't cause customers' mouths to water for all the wrong reasons. "We are committed to taking any and all necessary actions to make sure our food is as safe as possible, and we are working diligently with the health agencies," he said in a statement.

    The symptoms of the E. coli poisoning sound seriously awful (abdominal pain and cramping, diarrhea and nausea), but luckily, the outbreak hasn't been linked to any deaths.

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    Apple MusicWe are VERY good at finding our own music, thankyouverymuch. **Puts headphones back on**

    On Thursday morning, Jimmy Iovine, head of Apple Music, co-founder of Interscope Records and co-founder of Beats by Dre, appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about about Apple's new commercials. Here's the full video:

    The ads feature Mary J. Blige (who also appeared on CBS with Jimmy), Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson rocking out to some throwbacks tunes. We all know what a good jam session looks like, and this ad contains one of the best we've ever seen.

    But, if you watched the video clip of CBS This Morning, you heard Jimmy, who's produced music for Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke, make some insensitive comments about women's ability to find music that went viral. This is what he said:

    "I always knew that women, some women, at times find it very difficult to find music," Jimmy said. "And this helps make it easier with playlists, curated by real people, not by algorithms alone."

    And also:

    "I just thought of a problem," Jimmy went on. "Girls are sitting around, talking about boys, right? Or complaining about boys, when they have their heart broken or whatever, and they need music for that, right? And they need music for that. So it's hard to find the right music. Not everyone has the right list or knows a DJ." / GIPHYJimmy soon apologized for his comments, which it sounds like were not made to be intentionally sexist:

    "We created Apple Music to make finding the right music easier for everyone - men and women, young and old," Jimmy told BuzzFeed News. "Our new ad focuses on women, which is why I answered the way I did, but of course the same applies equally for men. I could have chosen my words better, and I apologize."

    Even Gayle King of CBS This Morning came to his rescue, saying the quotes were taken out of context: OK, Jimmy, we buy it. Because that ad is TOTALLY what our squad looks like when they hear a banger come on, we know you get us.

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    Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection - Photocall
    There's less than two weeks before the debut of Karl Lagerfeld's short film Chanel Once and Forever Paris, and before we see Kristen Stewart take on the role of Coco Chanel in it, two sneak peeks of her on set have dropped.

    In the released teasers, K. Stew can be seen in front of a green screen as another actors gets pointers from Karl, who is dressed in his signature suit and shades. Meanwhile the Twilight alum is wearing a demure white dress and a braided hairstyle as she rubs her hands together to prepare for the scene.

    In the next clip, we see Kristen in full glam, getting her make-up done and her hair touched up as she stands on set in a black beaded dress and another ensemble with a high, dramatic white collar.

    Although she giggles in the clip, Karl previously told Women's Wear Daily Kristen played the role "really, really mean." He added, "You only see her in tests and she's complaining about everything. She's mean with the director; mean with the producer." Veteran actress Geraldine Chaplin will also appear in the film as a middle-aged Chanel.

    The fictional, behind-the-scenes biopic of legendary Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel, is set to stream live December 1.

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    iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Presented By Sprint - ShowWe're just a couple of days away from the American Music Awards!

    Before Jennifer Lopez takes the stage to host the show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles Sunday, we've got all the details on where you can watch stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and more rock their performances live and slay the red carpet.

    The show airs live Sunday on ABC at 8 p.m. EST/PST, but if you're not on the East Coast, you can still watch the show live (and participate in all the social media buzz) by going to ABC's 'Watch Live' page and checking it out there. It's best to check that page early to make sure that your cable provider is listed and that you can view the show there Sunday.
    As for all the red carpet happenings, don't miss the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! @ The 2015 AMAs pre-show, which will start streaming online at 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT on Yahoo!.

    You can also come right back to this page to watch that red carpet livestream. We'll have it posted here too, as well as a ton of AMAs coverage all over our site. So, get your popcorn ready and don't forget to tune in with us Sunday for everything AMAS!

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    Olivier Rousteing & Beats Celebrate In Los AngelesWe were all pretty shocked when Kylie Jenner and Tyga suddenly called it quits - on his birthday, no less - and with the internet being as generous as it is, it immediately started offering up theories as to why the famous couple split.

    Some of the suggestions on Twitter range from totally crazy to totally possible and we'll leave it up to you to decide which ones fit into which category. Like, for example, the one that he dumped her because she didn't wish him Happy Birthday on social media.

    via GIPHY

    So far, the leading two theories are that Tyga did "something" that caused the split, which a source told TMZ, but wouldn't elaborate on what that something was. And the other leading theory (also reported by TMZ) is that their schedules simply conflicted too much, which actually makes total sense when you think about it.
    Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 29, 2015
    Tyga is busy with his music career, doing performances, in the studio a lot, the whole nine - and Kylie is busy doin' her thing, flying to Australia to promote her new clothing line with Kendall, doing appearances, working on her business, filming for the show, and all that goes along with it.

    They both basically have insanely busy careers that demand that they be in all different places all the time. When they wanted to do an event together, one of them had to cancel their plans and that would be tough always having to make that decision of whose event was 'more important.'

    via GIPHY

    If that's the case, their breakup isn't exactly as "sudden" as it felt to all of us fans who were kind of blindsided by the whole thing. Regardless, we're happy that they haven't taken any of their drama to social media as we've seen happen way too often after breakups.

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    It doesn't matter if it's the Oscars or a Hunger Games premiere, there's a fairly good chance that Jennifer Lawrence will take a tumble when she steps out at a big event.

    So, when her Hunger Games costar Liam Hemsworth made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers earlier this week, he couldn't help but laugh (and try to explain) when Seth asked him if our girl has been falling on purpose. "Not at all...she's terrible at walking," Liam said with a laugh. "I am constantly surprised by how much she falls down without trying at all."

    He went on to recall a time they were in London for a premiere and she fell down in the back of the theater after one of her heels randomly broke. "She went down and luckily no one saw because it was at the back of the theater...I picked her up, she now only has one heel so I'm walking her out."

    All was well until a friend of Liam's came up to him outside and he reached to embrace the person, forgetting that he was holding Jennifer up. "I let go of Jen to hug this person and straight down, hits the ground. I take full responsibility for that one," he said with a laugh. "She also fell in Spain going up the stairs at a premiere. She also fell in Berlin getting up off of a chair. She's a clumsy, clumsy girl."

    J.Law may not have the best balance, but she has mastered the art of falling and brushing it off with a laugh. And that's one more reason why we love her (clumsy or not).

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    A+E Networks What the...

    Pharrell not only raised eyebrows when he showed up at A+E Networks 'Shining A Light' concert in Los Angeles Wednesday rocking a black eye...he also sparked rumors that Jay Z had given it to him.

    According to TMZ, reports started flying that Jay Z and Pharrell got into a physical fight after the singer backed out of a Tidal deal, but a source told the site the whole story was completely fabricated. So, what really happened? The cause of his black eye appears to be nothing more than the result of a mishap in the kitchen.

    The Voice coach reportedly has been telling friends and associates he and his wife Helen Lasichanh were "joking around in the kitchen" and a spatula "flipped up and hit him in the eye." It must've been a metal spatula and one heck of a joke because that is a killer bruise.

    Pharrell has yet to comment about his eye on social media, and instead encouraged his followers to watch the broadcast of the 'Shining A Light' concert where he performed, as well as Sia, Jill Scott, John Legend, Tori Kelly and many more. The concert, which aired Friday night, raised funds for organizations working to create reconciliation and positive change in communities experiencing incidents of racial bias.
    A+E Networks

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