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    BRIT Awards 2015 - Red Carpet ArrivalsRed lipstick: The bold, classic, Tay-Swift color you've always wanted to try but are totally afraid to actually do. We're not going to lie, we've hid under the covers many restless nights, trying to ward off nightmares of horrendously smeared red lipstick and a few side-eyed glances. It's so freaking hard to keep in the lines after all!

    And if you do the nail the look, it seems like your fabulously crimson pout will fade the moment you put a drink to your lips. Is it even possible to kill the red lips game and make it last? More over, can you do it without spending an inordinate amount of time and money on your lips?

    Fortunately, the answer to that is a loud, resounding yes. Lazy girls of the world, rejoice, because putting on red lipstick can be simple and look fierce. Just follow these few steps and you'll be rocking your scarlet pout all night and getting so many compliments.
    Female applying red lipstick, close up

    1. Prime Time

    We know, we know, you want to avoid primer. Not only does it seem like the beauty world's way of wasting your money, it also is an added step that wastes your time. We hate to tell you this, but priming just about any part of your face is absolutely necessary to making your makeup last and your lips are no exception. Before priming, take your favorite lip balm and run it over your lips to get rid of any dryness. Then, take a lip primer (not a face primer!) and swipe it over your pout. Let it dry before doing step number 2.

    2. Line Those Bad Boys

    Some people will tell you that your next step is to apply foundation to your lips, but we feel from our own experience this isn't really necessary. Skip out on the foundation and go straight for your liner.

    Here is our ultimate trick: Rather than spending money on liner that will match every lipstick we own, we invest our money in a nude lip liner that will work against any color and keep that lipstick in the lines. With a nude liner, trace the outside of your lips carefully.
    BeautyIf you prefer using a liner the color of your lipstick, trace that liner within the lines of your lips, being careful not to over-line your lips too much. Over-lining has a tendency to take away from the look and make the color overwhelming, which we totes don't want!

    3. Put Your Best Red Shade On

    Now that your lips are lined to perfection, pop that shade of lipstick right on, being mindful of keeping it in the lines you created. If the lipstick does stray outside of the lines, don't panic! Rather than trying to wipe it off..

    4. Grab Your Concealer

    Rubbing red lipstick all over your face will only make matters worse, leaving your friends to wonder who your latest makeup sesh was. Rather than smearing your fave product all over your chin and making your face redder in the process, grab some concealer and apply it around the areas that your lipstick strayed from the liner. This will create the clean-lined look you're hoping for.

    Now go out, channel your inner T. Swift and take selfies to your heart's content. You'll see how those lines pour in!

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    It's not clear when Blake Lively and Taylor Swift became besties, but we're so glad they did.

    After spending a fun-filled day together in Australia, the Age of Adaline star made sure to surprise her new pal with a sweet (literally) birthday treat that paid tribute to Taylor's love for cats.

    "Blake wins at birthday pies. I honestly can't stop laughing right now," Taylor captioned a shot of a pie topped with edible figurines of her two pet cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray, sitting in front of a banner that reads'Happy Thanksgiving Birthday'.

    A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

    And as if that wasn't enough, Blake couldn't help but gush about the "Bad Blood" crooner on her own Instagram page, writing, "There's a reason " #friendshipgoals " was invented because of her. Thank you @taylorswift for the happiness you bring to not only everyone that knows you, but also to those who don't --you're the real deal. Happy Birthday!." In the photo she captioned, Blake and Taylor can be seen screaming and laughing on a rollercoaster.

    If you'll recall, Blake really does win at birthday pies...and cakes. Back in September, she baked a huge beehive birthday cake to celebrate her friend Beyonce's birthday too. "In honor of the Queen of all Bs...I had to make this Meyer Lemon Honey cake. Happy Birthday Beyoncé!!! Xxo Blake," she captioned an Instagram video of the cake on her Preserve page.

    A video posted by Preserve (@preserve_us) on

    Our girl might need to start working on a cookbook for birthdays. Yum!

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    chiang mai  thailand   january...While social media makes it easier for the world to hold global conversations, it also makes it easier for us to keep tabs on the words on everyone's lips.

    Twitter recently released its YearOnTwitter, giving us a glance into what we all talked about this year. Through hashtags and retweets, Twitter identifies the top trends in topics like celebs, music and sports, the most retweeted posts, the most influential hashtags and the new voices who joined the conversation.

    Unsurprisingly, some of the most retweeted posts on Twitter came from Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Yup, 1Ders really have a hold on Twitter. This was the most retweeted Tweet this year:

    One Direction also carried over to the top trending category, in which Twitter named the top 10 hashtags across several categories. #OneDirection took first prize, with #GOT7 following in second place. The most popular celeb to hashtag was #ArianaGrande (she also was the top searched female celeb on Polyvore - big year for Ari!).

    And here's the emojis that were Tweeted the most:
    TwitterThen there are the most influential hashtags: The world supported Paris with #PrayForParis and #JeSuisCharlie during the tragic terrorist attacks, while #BlackLivesMatter called for social change and equality. #HomeToVote and #LoveWins carried the marriage equality movement, and #RefugeesWelcome helped refugees from the Middle East find asylum in Europe.

    One thing's for sure: This year has been one crazy ride, and Harry Styles has been no small part o it.

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    Tiffany Thornton Chris CarneyWe can't even imagine how Tiffany Thornton feels right now.

    The mother of two took to Instagram on Friday to post a photo of her youngest son, 20-month old Bentley, cuddling up with his late father Chris Carney as the two sleep.

    Tiff did not caption the photo, but it marked one week since the former MTV star died in a car accident in Arkansas. Chris was the passenger in a vehicle driven by his 37-year-old friend Ezekiel Blanton, who also died.

    State police said Chris' friend was driving the vehicle early in the morning when he failed to negotiate a curve, over-corrected and collided with a tree.

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    Silvana Denker / FacebookPhotographer and model Silvana Denker wants peeps everywhere to love their bodies, and she's spreading that message through an awesome photo series that shows women (and men!) just like us proudly baring it all.

    Silvana, who is a plus-sized model, took photos in Berlin of eight women of all ages and sizes in their undies. The images are the latest installation in Silvana's "Bodylove" series, which has already been brought to five German cities, according to Cosmopolitan. Some of the campaign photos also feature men, and each shot shows the phrase "body love" written across the models' bodies. According to the "Bodylove" website, Silvana wants to bring the movement to other countries too.
    Silvana Denker / Facebook"Currently [Silvana] is working on a series of photos named 'Bodylove,' where she photographs naked (genitals and breasts covered) people of every sex, age, different sizes, with or without tattoos, disabled people and many more to show how beautiful and versatile we are," reads the website.
    Props to Silvana spreading #SelfLove and #BodyPositivity around the globe!

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    Celebs typically spend big bucks to hire stylists to secure fashions no one else is rocking, but leave it to Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence to break the mold by wearing the same dress to the Golden Globe Awards - on purpose.

    J. Law announced the BFFs' twinsie idea to E! News and she sounds pretty serious about intentionally committing a fashion faux pas. "We're going to try to figure out to wear the exact same thing," she said. "That's my mission. I really want us to wear the same thing."

    We absolutely trust that the pair will pull this off, especially since J. Law plans to use her connections with Dior.

    "She's going to have to wear Dior," Jennifer said. "I'm just going to have to have Dior make two of whatever they're making for me."

    As crazy as it sounds, calling up a major fashion house to put in an extra special order for your bestie like it's NBD is so J. Law. Seriously, what girl wouldn't want a friend to share high fashion freebies?

    We're not sure if this is a simple BFF moment or Amy and Jennifer's sly way of defying stereotypes about women being shady to other women for daring to wear the same outfit.

    Either way, get your twinning on ladies. We're here for it.

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    Caitlyn Jenner was honored in TIME magazine's Person of the Year issue, where she was named number seven on their "short list." In the interview, Cait opened up about her journey and she ended up getting some backlash for the comments she made about her appearance.

    "One thing that has always been important for me, and it may seem very self-absorbed or whatever, is . . . your presentation of who you are. I think it's much easier for a trans woman or a trans man who authentically, kind of, looks and plays the role," she told them. "I try to take [my presentation] seriously. I think it puts people at ease. If you're out there and, to be honest with you, if you look like a man in a dress, it makes people uncomfortable."

    Now, after realizing that offended a lot of people with the comment, Cait has apologized in a WhoSay blog post entitled "Still So Much to Learn" (read the full post here).
    2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Front Row
    "What I was trying to say is that our world really is still a binary one, and that people who look "visibly transgender" sometimes can struggle for acceptance and may be treated poorly by others," she began. "And while this may be true, it's also something that needs to change."

    She then explained that while yes, fashion, makeup and appearance are part of the world she came from, she wants "to help create a world in which people are able to express their gender in any way that is true and authentic for them. And most importantly -- a world in which how a trans person is treated isn't dependent on how they look."

    At the end of the post, she promised to keep learning and to try to be more articulate in the future.

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    Kim Kardashian just gave birth to her son Saint, and the reality star has chosen to eat her placenta, which is actually not all that uncommon.

    In a new blog post on her website and app, appropriately entitled "Eating My Placenta," Kim explained why she decided to do it and that it isn't exactly what it sounds like. By "eating" her placenta, she actually means having it freeze-dried into pill form, that looks like this:

    "I heard so many stories when I was pregnant with North of moms who never ate their placenta with their first baby and then had postpartum depression, but then when they took the pills with their second baby, they did not suffer from depression!" she explained. "So I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose?"
    Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - November 09, 2015
    She also said that she thinks it's something Kourtney would have done and that she doesn't think Kourt did it, but we remember Kourtney posting this pic after she gave birth to baby Reign:

    Yummy...PLACENTA pills! No joke...I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup

    A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

    This is probably the last chance Kim will ever have to do this, also, because TMZ is reporting that due to issues with her placenta during her two pregnancies, doctors have told her it would be dangerous for her to carry another child.

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    One would think that Beyonce and Channing Tatum going head to head on the upcoming season of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle would be the highlight of our entire lives, but judging by the show's crazy AF season 2 trailer, we can expect the other stars to bring all of the dramz. Seriously, guys - Buzzfeed Entertainment dropped an exclusive preview that features just about every form of lip-syncing insanity you can imagine.

    Aside from the lineup of soon-to-be unforgettable performances by everyone from Christina Aguilera to the Backstreet Boys, the trailer teases some major trash talking (who knew Kaley Cuoco and Gigi Hadid could snap like that?), twerking (hi, Chrissy Teigen) and some Bey-style booty-poppin' (because...Channing.)

    "Lip Sync Battle" Season 2 Trailer

    Christina Aguilera! Backstreet Boys! Beyoncé? As BuzzFeed's exclusive Lip Sync Battle Season 2 trailer shows, these celebrities will do anything - and call anyone - to win!

    Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Monday, December 14, 2015


    Lip Sync Battle season 2 premieres Thursday, Jan. 7 at 10pm EST on Spike TV.

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    Wendy's sign USAWendy's lovers, you now have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to endless Frostys - and there's no real catch. Wendy's is now offering patrons the opportunity to get unlimited Frostys for the entirety of 2016, so get on this ish right now.

    Wendy's has launched a new item called the Frosty Key Tag, which can be purchased at any Wendy's while supplies last. Though the tag will only be sold until Dec. 31, it will give you unlimited Frostys access for the entirety of 2016. And it only costs one dollar - yes, one, singular dollar - to get the pass.

    Okay, so you can't exactly walk into a Wendy's and ask for 30 Frostys for you and your entire soccer team after buying the tag: you must make a purchase in order to qualify for a free Frosty. That purchase can be anything, so there's really no reason why a Frosty lover should avoid picking up the Frosty Key Tag next time they swing by the fast food establishment.

    While you may think that getting Wendy's specialty dessert is the best part of the program, there's actually an even sweeter bonus. Every time you purchase a Frosty Key Tag, Wendy's will donate 90 cents of it to the David Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a non-profit that helps find homes for children in the foster care system.

    Your Frosty habit can definitely do some good, so why not indulge a bit in the New Year?

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    Are you looking for the perfect goof gift to give your BFF this holiday season? If so, look no further than this absolutely crazy candle. It may not look like much from the outside, but your friend will totally freak out when she sees what's hiding inside of it - especially if Jurassic World made her afraid of a dino takeover.

    Most candles are seen as a pretty generic gift, but this one is hiding something more than just a calming scent. The egg-shaped candle has a wick on the top, and when you light it, the candle melts down. Put instead of revealing a ball of wax, this one reveals something very special.

    Specifically, it reveals a baby dinosaur.The best way to give this gift? Not to tell your friend what's actually inside of the candle and let her find out all on her own. (Maybe avoid this gift if your friend has a debilitating fear of reptiles, because no one wants to accidentally throw their Christmas gift across the room because they thought an actual lizard has crawled inside.)

    At $45.39, this candle is a bit pricier than most of your traditional scented ones, but it's also a whole lot more memorable. And really, isn't it the thought that counts?

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    mayim bialikUnless you live under a rock, Mayim Bialik has been kind of kicking butt for the past couple decades. We love her as the sassy 'Amy Farrah Fowler' on the Big Bang Theory and some of us that came of age in the 90s remember her as Blossom, one of our favorite teens with a fearless fashion sense and a heart of gold. And she kinda grew up to be a superhero: not only is she a mom of two, a published author on parenting, a spokesperson for Texas Instruments, DeVry University, Gillette's Man of Steel campaign, (among others), she also wrote a vegan cookbook and is, uh, a flippin' Neuroscientist. Needless to say, there's not much out there that Mayim can't do. And she just took it a step further with her new "I'm With Mayim" merch campaign.

    After launching GrokNation - Mayim's website that links her love of writing to all things "nerd" and culture ("Grok" meaning "to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy") - Mayim decided to jump into philanthropy to help raise money for Big Picture Learning, a network working to repair the education system one student/classroom at a time; particularly in the underserved schools in our communities. The product? Well, it's kinda rad.
    Mayim Bialik sweatshirt merch groknation

    For now, the site only offers three different styles of the "I'm With Mayim" design: a unisex tee, a slouchy tee, and a super-cozy sweatshirt. "We went back and forth and back and forth and we decided we would start with one design," Mayim says on her site, "we hope to make many different products eventually which is great because the mighty little team of us who run this site had some really fun awesome ideas we want to share. This is just one to start with...with my glasses. Nerd power. You know how that goes."

    A photo posted by GrokNation (@groknation) on

    Portions of the proceeds for "I'm With Mayim" shirts will also go towards helping GrokNation stay afloat: the site doesn't use advertisers and is run by a very small team. We think it's really cool when celebs only do things worth standing up for, and refuse to sell out to make a quick buck (remember when Adele turned down millions of dollars in endorsement deals? Baller!). We stand with you too, Mayim. Nerd power!

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    AOL Build Presents Rebecca Minkoff's Athleisure CollectionThe fashion crowd doesn't exactly have a reputation for being super inclusive.
    For instance, Fashion Week is mainly an industry-only affair, with the occasional celebrity peppered in the runways' front rows. Typically, the shows present spring collections the September preceding, and the fall collections in February. It's great for the fashion biz, but for those of us in it for the street style, there's no way we're going to start thinking about spring floral prints as soon as we get to sweater season.

    But Rebecca Minkoff is making a bold move that's about to flip the script on NYFW. In February 2016, while most designers will be presenting their Fall/Winter 2016 collections, Rebecca is going to walk her current spring collection down the runway, in order to make more immediate sales off the buzz and Instagram hype during NYFW, according to Racked. Additionally, when brands show their collections six months in advance, it gives fast fashion retailers plenty of time to create knockoffs. Sounds smart AF to us.

    It seems that Rebecca wants the average consumer to become more of a part of Fashion Week - besides, isn't our hard-earned moolah what's driving the industry, anyway? - and that's something we can totally get behind. Fashion for the people!

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    Ed Sheeran in concertFollowing Ed Sheeran on social media? Well, you won't be hearing from him anytime soon!

    Our favorite ginger singer just revealed that he's taking a break from everything online and technology, and is traveling the world. Ed posted an important note on his Instagram announcing that he'll be undergoing a social media cleanse.

    Please read x

    A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

    This break, he says, will allow him "to travel the world and see everything I missed" rather than being glued to Twitter and Instagram.

    We respect it.

    Don't freak out, either. The "Thinking Out Loud" crooner has assured fans he'll make his big return next fall, with a third album. He says it is his best work to date.

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    Selena Gomez and Taylor SwiftSelena Gomez will always be Taylor Swift's homegirl! The singer wished her bestie a happy birthday on her Instagram on Tay's big day on December 13, and it was simply adorable.

    The two have been BFFs for a number of years now, and we all know Sel is a part of T-Swift's infamous squad. So it wasn't too big of surprise when Selena went all out to let everyone know she appreciates her friend like no other.

    "I don't know life without you Taylor. Happy birthday!" Sel captioned a photo she posted of the two when they were younger and then a more recent one of the two. They haven't been spending a lot of time together recently because the two are busy promoting their albums.

    Taylor is on the last leg of her 1989 tour while Selena has been traveling the country performing at the Jingle Ball concerts. We're sure they'll be having a reunion sometime soon, though! There's a lot of drama going down in Selena's life right know, with Niall Horan. Who is better for all that than Tay Tay?

    Check out Selena's heartfelt message, below.

    I don't know life without you Taylor. Happy birthday!

    A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

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    Taylor Swift '1989' World Tour - MelbourneTaylor Swift kicked off her 26th birthday with a Christmas-themed bash, complete with a VIP appearance by Santa and Mrs. Claus. Mama Andrea Swift, boyfriend Calvin Harris and DJ Snake were some of the A-list names on the guest list who came out to honor the singer.

    The bash was reportedly held at Apple executive Jimmy Iovine's Malibu home. That location totally makes sense considering she just recently announced plans to release a film of her 1989 tour on Apple Music.

    In an Instagram photo posted by Jimmy's son Jamie Iovine, Tay Tay, Cal, and Jamie posed in a silly selfie while the festivities were in full-swing.

    I was just adopted by @calvinharris and @taylorswift mom and dad are gonna show me the good life now

    A photo posted by Jamie Iovine (@jamieiovine) on

    "I was just adopted by @calvinharris and @taylorswift mom and dad are gonna show me the good life now," he captioned the shot, poking fun at music's highest-earning couple.

    In several pics posted online, the birthday girl posed with Santa and Mrs. Claus. In another clip shared on social media, Taylor was serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by the entire room of guests.
    It was an emotional day for her. She shared her personal thoughts about getting another year older.

    "Today I begin my 26th year of freaking out over stuff," she captioned a photo of her younger self dressed in a Little Mermaid sweatshirt while carrying a backpack and making a very shocked face for the camera.

    Happy belated birthday, T-Swift!

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    Remember that one hit you couldn't stop playing? We tracked down the artists of some of the hottest songs from the early 2000s to find out what they're up to now.

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    If you do not know your Secret Santa too well this year, try getting her one of these and slay the Christmas game. 

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    When it comes to these celebs and social media, they couldn't care less about follows, likes or shares.

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    We are completely astonished (and beaming with pride) at all the impressive #bossmoves Maddie made in 2015.

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