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    dallas  tx   november 10  2015  ...Now that we've left our pumpkin spice lattes days in early fall, it's time for Starbucks' new holiday drink (that we can't wait to try).

    The Holiday Spice Flat White "combines Christmas Blend Espresso Roast with velvety-steamed whole milk infused with cinnamon, ginger and cloves. All together in perfect harmony," according to Starbucks. And it's available in stores right now. Yum!
    We first found out last month that Starbucks would be launching a new holiday-themed latte when the season kicked off, but it wasn't clear when it would be released or what flavor we would have to look forward to until a couple of weeks ago. Starbucks not only revealed that the Holiday Spice Flat White would debut in stores Nov. 30, but that they would also be releasing adorable Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies Dec. 14.

    Gingerbread Loaves, Peppermint Brownie Cake Pops, Frosted Snowman Cookies, Cranberry Bliss Bars, and Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Paninis are also on the way now that the holidays have begun.

    Excuse us while we run to the nearest Starbucks for some holiday treats.

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    Joe Jonas deletes Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik instagram picIt sounds like Joe Jonas isn't too thrilled that his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, has moved on so quickly after their breakup! Joe has not only unfollowed Gigi on social media, but also unfollowed Zayn Malik and deleted a pic of himself and the former One Direction star.

    Ouch. These are the times we live in - unfollowing someone on Twitter and Instagram speaks volumes.

    We'd like to think that Joe and Gigi parted on okay terms, but the fact that she rebounded so quickly with Zayn - and Joe's subsequent social media snub - might say otherwise.

    And Joe's unfollow spree seemed to be timed with Zayn and Gigi stepping out, holding hands, so it would appear he's not cool with the whole thing.

    Remember that pic of Joe, Zayn and Kanye West that Joe tweeted from Paris Fashion Week, writing "#SQUAD"? Fans were quick to notice that Joe pulled that down. Squad no more.

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    woman relaxing at cozy home...There are few smells worse than sweaty socks, so we are all about Y Athletics' SilverAir's Crew Socks - a fancy, high-performance sock that's created with pure silver to eliminate odors. ::Praise Hands::

    The silver creates an ionic shield against bacteria that causes the nasty stink. This technology is used in both military and astronaut gear to keep their clothes fresh for longer periods of time in the field. So, isn't it about time we started using it, too?

    The formula works so well that a fan, Tristan, test-drove the sock prototype on a two-week, 800-mile cycling trip from New York to LA and didn't change his socks once. Um, that's INSANE.
    GIPHYIn addition to their crazy smart technology, the socks are made with top-quality Australian Merino wool and mesh ventilation panels to keep your feet cool.

    This isn't the first odorless product to come from Y Athletics - the first product was a t-shirt, followed by an ankle sock that became the most successful crowdfunded sock ever, according to Mashable. After fans requested a sock that could be worn to work or out, Y Athletics came out with the crew style. Here's what the ankle socks look like:
    Y AthleticsCurrently, the only way to get them is to place an order through the already-funded Kickstarter campaign, but they will eventually be available on Y Athletics' website. They retail for $25 a pair, but there are plenty of deals available through Kickstarter. Right now, the colors available are black and gray.

    We think we know what we're getting bae for the holidays this year! His gym socks have def seen better days.

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    black and white shot of young...Buns have saved us from too many bad hair days to count, and we'll forever be in debt to the human beings who taught us how to make a proper messy bun without turning our hair into a bird's nest. Whether you prefer a loose, carefree bun or a perfectly structured ballerina updo, you are going to want to try this latest bun hack ASAP - mostly because it looks so ridiculously fun.

    This bun hack GIF popped up on Imgur, and the world simply cannot look away. The GIF features a father doing his daughter's hair (already so freakin' cute) in the most unusual way. The dad holds up his daughter's ponytail, while she spins in a circle until the ponytail is completely twisted. Then this hairstylist/dad twists the ponytail into a bun and, viola - an absolutely perfect ballerina bun! Check it out: This hairstyle hack might make most of us pretty dizzy by the time our bun is complete, but you have to admit that it's a pretty genius move. Don't feel like getting nauseous just to get that perf bun? Try having a friend twist your hair into a coil instead, then pinning it back - you'll get the same outcome and be able to stand up straight afterwards.

    Of course, if you're completely fascinated by this GIF, you're not alone. Feel free to watch this hairstyle happen on a loop, because for some inexplicable reason it's pretty darn compelling.

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    Diane Von Furstenberg - Spring 2016 New York Fashion WeekKendall Jenner got her nipple pierced, and in that weird and wonderful way of anyone who has Kardashian blood running through her veins, it's likely she's launched a new beauty trend. If you close your eyes and listen very closely, you will hear the sound of thousands of young women gasping as their nipples are pierced too. I should disclaimer this by saying I don't have my nipple pierced, but that I am definitely intrigued by the intrigue Kendall has created by piercing hers. Indeed, even her gal pal Bella Hadid (and Rihanna too) have allegedly followed suit.

    If you're considering doing the same, you've probably got a few questions. Does it hurt? What does it entail? Can you still breast-feed one day? If you're hell bent on following Kendall's footsteps, I've gone ahead and done some research to answer your pressing questions. Whether it's concern about pain or the future of your nipple, never fear: Nipple piercing seems like a fairly safe and straightforward process, as long as you find a experienced professional to do it under sanitary conditions. Other than that, some basic care tips, and you're good to go. Here are 5 things you should know before you go having holes poked in your nipples:

    1. It Doesn't Hurt as Badly as You Think
    When I consider having a needle pushed through my nipple, I cringe when I imagine the pain. But according to Kendall, having your nipple pierced doesn't hurt as much as you'd think. While there is of course some pain, Kendall assured Page Six that it "wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem and maybe because everyone hyped it up and I thought it would be really, really bad. Then it wasn't as bad as I expected."

    2. But It Will Be Sore, and Possibly Bleed, for a While
    While the immediate pain is nothing to worry too much about (it's over fast!) there's going to be soreness for a while afterwards, and possibly even bleeding for the first week. It's important to note that if the bleeding is heavy or persistent, you should consult a doctor. Meanwhile, the piercing will also excrete a yellowish crust, which will subside over time, but will never fully stop forming. (Well, that puts a little bit of blood in perspective!)

    3. You Need to Commit to Care While It Heals
    Getting a nipple piercing isn't just getting a nipple piercing. After the initial piercing is done, it requires a lot of care, and you have to commit to that fulltime. At the start, for instance, you'll want to wear something tight, like a sports bra, to compress the piercing while it heals. You won't be able to swim in any public bodies of water, from pools to the ocean, for at least four weeks (so winter's the time to do it), in order to avoid infection. And it's advised that for the first 12 weeks, you clean your piercing twice a day.

    4. It Won't Prohibit You From Breastfeeding

    There's a lot of misinformation floating around about nipple piercings and breast-feeding. Getting your nipple pierced will not stop you from being able to breast-feed in the future. While some women experience difficulties, it's not something that automatically stops the process, and you can always talk to your health care professional about your concerns. It is, however, essential to remove your jewelry before actually doing any breast-feeding as the small parts pose a choking hazard for babies.

    5. Nipple Piercings Close Up Fast
    Nipple piercings, apparently, can take between three months and a whole year to heal properly. Meanwhile, they close up super fast when you take your jewelry out. Within minutes, even. Your nipple piercing hole will start becoming smaller, even marginally so, as soon as you remove your nipple ring. The upshot is if you ever decide to take it out for good, the hole will close up entirely making scarring minimal.

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    Sure, gel manis are great, but we don't always have the time or money to go out and get our nails done. What's a girl to do if she wants her manicure to have staying power, but isn't a salon regular?

    Enter Le Mini Macaron, the cutest little gel manicure kit that is designed after - you guessed it - a French macaron cookie. The patented petite machine in poppy hues looks adorable, but don't underestimate its power. Inside is a strong, single-finger LED lamp that cures the gel polish in 30 seconds (other lamps on the market can take up to two minutes). Flip it over and you can use it on your toes.
    Le Mini MacaronHere's how it works: First, you file down your nails. Paint on a coat of Le Mini Macaron's three-in-one gel polish (no base coat or top coat needed), cure each finger for 30 seconds under the light, then repeat the paint-and-cure process one more time. Your finished mani will last seven to 10 days.

    The kit costs $35, which is a little more than the cost of a single gel manicure. It comes with the LED light, USB cord and charger, gel polish, nail file, cuticle stick and 10 remover pads. The polish matches the color of the lamp, which is just adorable.

    And, our favorite part: If you take the kit with you to work (which is super easy, because it's tiny), you can plug the lamp right into your computer or laptop with the USB cord. Desk manis, anyone?

    Better say your goodbyes to your nail tech, because you won't be needing her services any longer.

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    Woman shaving her legsWe've tried waxing, we've tried creams and we've even tried rocking the hairy leg look, but nothing seems to be as satisfying as shaving. It's easy, it's inexpensive and it doesn't take nearly as much time and tears as some other hair removal methods. That being said, it almost seems like the moment we put down our razor, little, pointy bits of stubble rise up from the depths to make us feel like we're once again growing leg beards. Is there any possible way to make shaving last longer, and if that's the case, what can we do?

    Seriously, we're willing to try anything.

    Luckily, there totes is, and we've compiled a list of tips to make sure your silky smooth skin can go the distance. No more fighting with your razor, because LBH, it's not Venus's fault anyway.

    Step 1: Exfoliate Until You Can't Exfoliate Anymore

    Take your favorite skin scrub and apply some to your legs (or any other bits) before you start shaving. Cosmo UK suggests working up from your ankles and rubbing the exfoliant in with small circles. This will get rid of any dead skin that's hiding some of your stubble while also bringing up more stubborn hair hiding below the surface of your skin for a closer shave.
    Close up of pink razor in bathroom

    Step 2: Shower Up a Bit Before You Shave

    Before shaving, be sure to shower for about three to five minutes (anything over makes your skin wrinkle and swell, which means the shave won't be as close). Rinsing your skin of oils and adding moisture to the hair makes it 60 percent easier to cut.

    Step 3: Choose a Good Shave Gel

    Anything that is hydrating will keep the necessary moisture inside of your skin. Also, a quality shave gel will help the razor glide over more smoothly.

    Step 4: Choose the Best Razor

    Simply put, the better the razor, the better your shave. Take into consideration the texture of your skin; if it tends to be drier, a razor with a moisturizing strip will probably be better for it. Anything that has multiple blades is sure to give you a closer shave. And for the absolute best results, work with a new razor head because it can get closest to the root. Always be sure to shave against the direction your hair grows!
    Beautiful blonde woman shaving legs in bathroom

    Step 5: Moisturize Outside of the Shower

    You should always be moisturizing your skin but even more so if you want your shave to last. Using a natural oil that is fragrance free, rub some into your freshly shaved skin once you're out of the shower. Elle suggests trying a moisturizer with soy in it because some studies have shown that soy can prevent hair from growing while also shrinking the diameter of the hair shaft.

    And that's it! All that's left to do is show off your freshly shaven legs and enjoy the smoothness for the next few days.

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    Fashion beautiful woman posing in fur coat. Winter Girl  ModelFashion has been getting pretty daring lately, incorporating faux textures more and more into ready-to-wear looks that are both chic and totally doable. This winter is going to be no exception. Faux fur and faux feathers are coming back in a big way, and we're ready to strut through the snow cozy, warm and stylish as all hell! But if you're never attempted the faux textures before, have no fear! We've got some great ideas for how to pull off both fur and feathers in a way that's casual yet cool. Sorry, sweaters; we're ready to get bold!

    1. Fur Starters

    Faux Fur

    To dip your toe into the fur pool (yes, we know that's a weird image), we recommend starting off with a fur accessory before going with outerwear. Luckily, this season is chock full of fur scarves to choose from, but we love this gray faux fur snood ($48, Top Shop) that we can snuggle our noses into. To keep the look even more cas, we're opting for a plain white tee ($12, HM) with a slouchy burgundy cardigan ($22, May Kool) to go over it, perfect for when you're running late to class but still want to up your style game. Boyfriend jeans ($31, Style Moi) are always essential for keeping things comfy, but combat boots with a chunky heel ($45, Hot Topic) will dress the look up just a tad. And that's all it takes to make everyone super jel of your carefree style on Insta.

    2. Just a Touch of Feathers
    Faux feathers

    We're totes obsessed with faux feathers for our nighttime look, but if you want just a touch of feathers to accent your on-the-town apparel, try this form-fitting dress with feather trim ($59, Rare London). To swag it up while keeping it warm, this black jacket with gray lapels ($40, New Look) will look great over your flouncy dress while strappy black heels ($34, Amazon) say you're ready to strut your stuff. Cat eyed black sunglasses ($26, Princess Polly) add a bit of mystery while a statement necklace ($3.70, Chic Nova) ups the game of this look 10-fold. Finish it off with this daring bangle ($14, Style Moi), and you're sure to get noticed!

    3. Full-on Fur
    Faux fur

    If you're ready to dive right in for some faux fur love, go straight for the fur outerwear. We love this pale gray faux fur jacket ($68, Chic Wish) for our look, paired on top of black skinny jeans ($19, She Inside). A berry crop top ($14, Wear All) will add a pop of color while a silver statement choker necklace ($40, Lord and Taylor) adds to the finesse of this already chic outfit. Finally for our shoes, we're bringing it back to the '90s with these crushed velvet ankle booties ($38, HM) (we totes remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch wearing them).

    4. More Fun With Feathers
    Faux Feathers

    We've decided to rock faux feathers for our upcoming holiday parties and this is how we're doing it. Feather skirts ($50, Target) are just about the cutest feather textured item around, and we're loving them in black. Tuck in a festive red blouse ($42, Chic Wish) for a pop of seasonal color with a pair of tights ($13, ModCloth) to keep those legs warm. Strappy black flats are everything right now, and we're opting for this pointed toe pair ($50, Zara), finishing off the look with a (of course) a feathered bangle ($20, Lady Lux).

    If you have any other suggestions of how to wear your faux fur or feathers this season, sound off in the comments below!

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    Happy teenage girl using mobile phone with laptop on table outdoorsEarlier this month, Twitter went ahead and did something really disrespectful: It changed the "favorite" button to a "like" button, replacing the star with a heart and consequently causing a ripple of rage throughout the social media world.

    But, as seen on Refinery29, theoretical physicist Robert McNees is looking out. He came up with a genius Twitter hack than can change that heart into your fave emoji (Robert made a pretty solid choice with the beer emoji).
    REDDIT / GIPHYFirst, you'll need to download the Stylish browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox. Then you add a rule with Robert's code (below), replacing his beer emoji with whatever you're feeling:

    Robert makes it sound super easy, but he's also smart AF, so if you need a more detailed walkthrough, click through to follow these six steps from Gizmodo.

    Now, for the hardest part - deciding which emoji to use. We're seriously considering the unicorn, the cat with heart eyes or, of course, the taco. Which will you choose?

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    If you've taken one look at Bella Hadid or any of her siblings' Instagram feeds, it's clear the family had one epic Thanksgiving.

    After the holiday was over the model and her two half-sisters, Alana and Marielle, decided to share their blessings and do something very sweet for those who weren't as fortunate to have an extravagant holiday meal like they enjoyed (or any meal at all).

    "I had an idea with help from my beautiful sisters @lanzybear @mariellemama to put together 30 plates of food from last night that wasn't touched to take and give to whomever seemed hungry or in need," Bella captioned a shot of a ton of plates sitting on a table, filled with brisket, rice, green beans, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and more.

    A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

    "I know it seemingly isn't a lot, but thanksgiving to me is about being with the people that you love," she continued. "It didn't seem right to be eating so much when there are so many starving right around the corner. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited about what we are doing today and my heart feels so warm to share love and food with whoever is hungry or just needs a hug :) also my dads brisket is next level!!!! It sounds cheesy but I feel so blessed today...also everyone gets two pieces of pie..peace and love."

    What a sweet way to celebrate the holiday! And while the family was enjoying it, the siblings (including Gigi Hadid) made sure to take a gorgeous selfie, with all of them giving their best pout.

    A photo posted by Alana Hadid (@lanzybear) on

    Alana also posted a couple more shots from their festivities including a family shot of everyone in a stunning dining room (complete with chandeliers) sitting at the dinner table.

    This fam is total #Thanksgivinggoals.

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    Let's talk glitter lips for a second shall we? After watching Missy Elliot's "WTF" video, I was so totes enamored with her silvery disco ball pout that I went searching all over the Internet to find out how to do it myself. Turns out it's totally a thing, and it's actually really simple to do! You can find tutorials all over YouTube and Pinterest with different product suggestions and hacks on how to get the look.

    But I still had a few reservations. Will the glitter actually stay or will I be spreading the herpes of the craft and makeup world all over the place? Can I eat or drink with them on? Will it actually look good? Will it feel weird?

    Well, I put glitter lips to the test, and here's what I found out.

    How to Do It

    Before getting to business, I looked for a quality YouTube tutorial to teach me how to master the look. Then I stumbled on beauty blogger Ashley Marie whose red glitter pout was to die for and her instructions equally as amazing.

    Instead of using the glitter from Ashley's video, I opted for Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter in Cat Fight ($12, Urban Decay) applied with Urban Decay's Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive ($14, Urban Decay). I made sure to look up the adhesive's ingredients beforehand, and because it is water-based, I had no problem putting it on my lips. Probably one of the best moves I made was using this adhesive; it went on my lips smoothly and made the glitter absolutely bullet proof.

    Copying Ashley Marie, I lined my lips first and then applied my lipstick. Because Cat Fight is such a bright and sexy shade of fuchsia, I opted for a subtle, pink brown nude lipstick; I highly advise going for a creamy lipstick over a matte because it'll help the glitter stay more. Then I took the adhesive and swiped a bit over small areas of my lips, taking a flat-tipped makeup brush and patting the glitter on. (Don't swipe; it won't go on as nicely!) I did this until my lips were completely covered. The brush made it a lot easier to keep the glitter within the lines of my lips, though there was a bit of fallout.

    If you are feeling super fancy, you can also use several different types of glitter for a glitter ombre lip!

    My biggest tip: If you're going to be eating or drinking anything while wearing glitter lips, do not put the glitter on the inner most part of your lip. Keep the glitter on the part of your lips that show when you're mouth is closed and you can avoid getting glitter in your mouth completely.

    And here was the finished look!
    glitter lips
    Real talk: This look was fierce AF. Even though I wasn't wearing that much makeup (and a green sweater), I felt super glam toting around my bright pink glitter lips. I'm kind of obsessed, and I totally will be wearing these New Year's Eve.
    glitter lips
    (Just to give you a better close up)

    Wearing Them for a While

    To truly test them out (though I did fall in love immediately), I wore my glitter pout for a bit just to see what happened. The first thing I noticed: My lips felt super dry, but then again, what did I expect? I had flecks of glitter pasted to my lips, naturally they wouldn't feel as moisturized as they typically do. It was also hard to ignore the fact that I had stuff on my lips. Often with lipstick, you'll forget you're even wearing it, but with glitter lips, you are hyper-aware it's there.

    As I continued to write, I did notice that some flakes of glitter were getting on my computer and my phone screen. That being said it truly wasn't that much. For the most part the glitter stayed plastered to my lips (thank you very much, Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive!).

    The ultimate test? I decided to take a drink of water and see what happened. Much to my surprise, my water bottle wasn't coated in glitter, nor did I seem to swallow any of it. I did take it off before I ate anything though; I was not fully ready to see a full ring of glitter on my sandwich. My glitter lips seemed to withstand a lot up until this point, but I wasn't really about having a disco ball in my stomach.

    Getting It Off

    So far it was able to stay on, but how would it be when I tried to take it off?

    Would you wear this on your lips?? We love it πŸ™Š #glitterlips #inspo #lips #luciouslips #nudelip

    A photo posted by CINK (@think.cink) on

    According to Urban Decay, you can take the glitter and adhesive off easily with water. I didn't really believe that, so I decided to try and wipe it off with a makeup wipe. DON'T DO THIS. Instead of getting most of the glitter off, I wiped it across my face and got it all over my cheeks. Washing it off with water actually does work, just be careful to get all your glitter to go down the sink.

    My Advice?

    Totes experiment with this look! It's a lot of fun and it looks ah-maze-ing.That being said, I wouldn't wear this for everyday. If you're just walking around school or going out to lunch with your friends, avoid the glitter lips because, like I said, you might eat some of it. But, if you're on the town with the girls (and are completely okay with drinking from a straw all night), glitter lips ahoy! My biggest question that still remains is what would happened if you kissed someone? Didn't get a chance to do that (my dog ran away from me), but I'm super curious!

    I'm giving this look two thumbs up! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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    makeup productsJust like clothing styles change based on seasons and times of day, how you do up your face shouldn't always be the same either. Makeup trends can be just as dynamic as any other fashion statement and to keep up-to-date, you should def be changing it up. Whether you experiment with a different shade or pop on a different type of lipstick, adjusting your makeup can be just as fun as busting out that winter sweater you absolutely live in. But the biggest challenge of all when it comes to makeup? When to go matte and when to keep it shimmery. No worries though ladies, we've come up with a guide to let you know when a bold shimmery look is completely in and when you should keep it more subtle.

    Eyes or Lips

    When it comes to any beauty look, there is always one must-follow rule: If your eyes are bold, your lips should be subtle and vice versa. Yes, it's great to do dark cat-eye liner with red lips Γ  la Taylor Swift, but when it comes to matte and shimmery looks you shouldn't be doubling up. If you decide to go with a shimmery shadow, be sure to keep the lips glitter-free and go for a matte or cream lip with a color that complements your shadow shade. If experimenting with bold shadows, obv don't overdo it with a bright lip.
    Similarly, if your shadow palette lacks any glitter, feel free to put that glitter on your lips. Whether you're going for a sparkly lip gloss or trying full out Missy Elliott-esque glitter lips, you're good to keep your lips bold when your eyes are more low-key. A matte lipstick with a matte eye can be pulled off too, but one rule still applies: Keep your lipstick complementing your eye shade.

    Changing Shades for the Seasons

    Like we said, you should be changing your makeup styles just as you're changing up your clothes each season! What we recommend? Keep it shimmery during the winter and summer while switching over to matte shades for spring and fall.

    Why are winter and summer perfect to bust out the glitter? When you think about winter styles, you're usually keeping your clothes dark, alternating between grays, blacks, navies, with the occasional pop of purple, red or green. And when you think of the weather, days are usually dark and dreary with the occasional snowstorm causing a blanket of white. That's why the season is perfect for pops of shimmer.

    If you're dressing in darker shades, you have full leeway to experiment with bolder makeup looks, adding some dimension to your style by applying that glitter layer. Not to mention New Year's is a holiday that basically calls for glitter, so why not have some fun with it? We recommend trying cooler shimmery tones like silvers, blues, purples, pinks and greens.

    Getting in that saturday night mood πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― cc @christianschild #worthit

    A photo posted by L'OrΓ©al Paris Official (@lorealparisofficial) on

    Summer, on the other hand, is also perfect for some shimmer because your sun-kissed skin will go so perfectly with some sparkly bronzes. For summer, you're def breaking out the sundresses, spending most of your days in a bathing suit or shorts and a tee. When you keep it simple, it's time to kick makeup up a notch. And because summer is a great season for hot tones (obv), shimmery reds, oranges and bronzy shades will look great with a tan, along with slight glitter in your bronzer or your highlighter.

    We like matte for fall and spring because the transitional weather is perfect for a more subdued look. During the fall, you're rocking some of your best earth tones like shades of brown, orange and cranberry. Matte earth tones complement these looks perfectly, offering a more natural appeal when going with a brown-based palette that keeps it cool and fresh for when the leaves fall. Spring will forever be a season of pastels and floral (no matter how much the fashion game likes to change it up), so a matte color palette with brighter pinks and lighter tans will match these looks perfectly without looking too overwhelming with your bold patterns.

    Time of Day

    Just like your look changes between the seasons, you're likely not going to wear the same outfit that night that you were flaunting during the day. Your makeup should be the same, ladies! And for this one, it's pretty obvious. Mattes are great to pull off your daytime cas look while shimmery tones come out at night when you're partying it up.


    A photo posted by Nolan Makeup (@nolanmakeup) on

    Again, keep your eyes or lips rule in mind. A matte eye with a shimmery, nude lip will look perfect during the day when you're strolling to class or getting lunch with friends. Switch it up at night when the lights are low, going for a shimmery eye palette and a matte, bold lip. A smoky eye with a matte red lipstick is a complete classic!

    And if you're still not sure whether to cover your face in glitter or blend in a taupey matte palette, the simplest way to figure it out is to look at what you're wearing. Makeup should always keep your outfit in mind, so consider what palette you're using based on the tone and shimmer already in your clothes.

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    John Legend gave us all the feels with this one.

    The singer posted a sweet tribute for his wife Chrissy Teigen to celebrate her birthday, putting up a clip on Instagram Monday of them making silly faces, smiling and kissing. "Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, talented, awesome wife @chrissyteigen! I love you so much and I'm so excited to start a family with you," John captioned it.

    This was after he threw the FABLife host a surprise birthday party with family and friends in tow - including comedian Dave Chappelle - at the Comedy Cellar in New York City Saturday evening, according to E! Online.

    A photo posted by D-Nice (@djdnice) on

    In a video posted by PR guru Simon Huck on Instagram, John can be seen singing "Happy Birthday" to Chrissy while a ton of mini cupcakes are being lit in her honor. And in another snap posted by DJ D Nice, John can be seen standing on stage next to Chrissy, who was dressed in a body hugging one-shoulder dress and beaming.

    In addition to the cupcakes, guests were also treated to grub from Momofoku restaurant, including spicy cucumbers, pork buns, tuna tataki, spicy cucumbers, chilled spicy noodles, and Korean fried chicken wings.

    A video posted by Simon Huck (@simon_huck) on

    Following the bash, Chrissy responded to a tweet about it, writing, "I can't imagine a single thing more I wanted out of my twenties. Greatest friends and family ever, ever, ever."

    Sounds like it was an epic birthday celebration for the mom-to-be!

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    Louis Tomlinson Briana Jungwirth baby bump shopping picsLouis Tomlinson spent a bit of time with baby mama Briana Jungwirth over the weekend, as the two got in some shopping with his family.

    Based on the pics that are making the rounds, there's not a lot of Briana Jungwirth bump watch news to report because she skirted the cameras pretty well.

    Louis' mom and step-dad were in LA to spend time with the One Direction star and the whole fam, including Louis' younger sister Lottie, were seen on a shopping outing along with Briana and her mother.

    Pics snapped of the lot of them getting into a car didn't give away too much of their identities though, so we just have to trust the internet on this one because the internet never lies, right?

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    Taylor Swift '1989' World Tour - SydneyMore celebs seriously need to be like Taylor Swift.

    The oh-so-adorable singer made one Swiftie's life when she surprised her with an impromptu meet and greet. Taylor was reportedly driving down the street in Australia when she spotted a fan sporting a T-Swift tee walking down the street.

    In typical Tay Tay fashion, she wanted to make the fan's day so she pulled over and took a couple of pictures with the girl. #CoolestThingEver

    This isn't the only thing Taylor's done to show her love for her fans lately. She met a fan backstage at her show in Sydney after reading an online campaign about the Swiftie's medical condition and hearing loss.

    Taylor's currently on tour in Australia, finishing the last leg of her 1989 World Tour. She's reportedly planning a big party there on December 13 to celebrate her 26th birthday.

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    2015 American Music Awards - ArrivalsKylie Jenner shared a Snapchat of her dogs Norman and Bambi over the holiday weekend, as she often does. But this time, fans noticed something very different about Bambi. She looked much thinner than she usually does.

    Being an Italian Greyhound, she's going to be naturally thin and we've seen plenty of pics and videos of her looking just fine.

    In this new Snapchat, though, people were worried because from the angle she took the video from, you can see her ribs.

    "All that money you got girl you better feed that d**n dog," someone commented, where the video was posted on Instagram. "Take a moment to check the health of your dogs and learn how to put weight on them. This is not healthy! I'm clearly not the only one who thinks this way," another person commented, citing similar statements in the thread. "He needs to see a vet. He may have tapeworms which effects the dogs nourishment," a concerned fan chimed in.

    We know Kylie loves her dogs like crazy and she takes very good care of them, so we have a feeling it was either a bad angle (it looks like the frame caught Bambi just as she was getting ready to jump) or maybe she isn't feeling well, which we're sure Kylie is on top of, if that's the case.

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    Colorful Condoms Hanging on ClotheslineDurex, the well-known condom company, wants you to practice safe-sex. The company launched a global campaign a few weeks ago, urging social users to advocate for an official condom emoji to be made using the hashtag #CondomEmoji on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social outlets.

    What sparked this idea - aside of the fact that the company wants to advocate for its own brand? (And also because it would be hilarious to see a condom emoji between the eggplant and loaf-of-bread emoji; that's totally where it would go.) Durex had a research company survey young people aged 16 to 25 on their thoughts on safe sex, and these were the results:

    -One-third of the group doesn't care about safe sex
    -Half of the group doesn't consider HIV a possibility
    -Eight out of 10 are more comfortable talking about sex using emojis.

    The campaign is using December 1 (today!), World AIDS Day (that's why Cambio is all red today!) to catapult even more awareness around the importance of practicing safe sex. Check out the video below and share via your social (you can tweet me @lizprugh) using #CondomEmoji. If anything, do it for the hilarity of accidentally sending your mom a condom emoji when she asks about your holiday plans.

    For even more emoji fun, check out these brands using emojis as a part of their marketing.

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    2015 American Music Awards - Red CarpetMy favorite thing about hip-hop duo Kalin and Myles is that they have so much swag. I couldn't have as much swag as Kalin and Myles if I tried and trust me, I have.

    During a recent interview with the duo, I threw around words like "function," aka a party, and sayings like "the ratio is right." And as hard as I tried, I'm sure they saw right through my facade. I'm just not as cool as Kalin and Myles.

    But I mean, it makes sense. Kalin and Myles just released their self-titled debut album, toured the country with Timeflies and are now getting ready to head back out on the road for their annual Crazy for Christmas shows. The pair is even scheduled to tour Europe early 2016. Kalin and Myles have so many cool things going on right now.

    I talked to Kalin and Myles all about their new music, recent tour and of course, their #KAMFAM. Check it out below.

    Cambio: You just wrapped up the Just for Fun Tour with Timeflies. What was the best part about it?
    Myles: The best part of it was getting to see the girls and some of the homies that have been following us for a minute, it's always good to get back out again and see them. But the tour with Timeflies definitely had an older audience than what we're used to, so it was cool to get to play to a college crowd.

    Cambio: Do you have a favorite memory from the tour?
    Kalin: My favorite memory from the tour is probably when our first single ["Brokenhearted"] from our new album dropped. It was definitely exciting, because it was something new that we were able to give to the fans and also so perform it on stage and it's getting a cool reaction.

    A photo posted by KalinAndMyles (@kalinandmyles) on

    Cambio: How is your new album different from music you've released before?
    Myles: I would say that lyrically it could be a little more grown in more situations on the songs. For sure. Even in production maybe a little bit, too. We're just kind of getting more practice with everything. Production might be a little more grown. The thing about it is there's definitely roots from the first two EPs in this album. Just like with the function sound and slowing it down here and there like we like to do.

    Cambio: What inspired the songs on your new album?
    Myles: Definitely girl situations that we've had before, for sure. And then just going through life and you know getting a little older and just you know figuring out what's going on and a lot of personal experiences.

    Cambio: What's your favorite track on your new album?
    Myles: "Do What You Do"
    Kalin: "I See You" and "Shake It"

    Cambio: "Brokenhearted" is an upbeat party song. What's another song on the album that you'd play at a party or a function?
    Myles: It's funny that you say that, because there's actually a song on it called "Lil Function" that I feel like could definitely be one that will have some energy that we all just turn up to.
    Kalin: Also "Take My Time," a track that we just dropped, is definitely one that if you could play at a party, too. Definitely a little Bay Area banger.

    Cambio: What's the difference between a function and a lil function? Is a lil function like a kickback or is it still a function?
    Myles: [laughs] I think just the way that I was like saying it is like, "We're gonna have a lil function tonight." Essentially it's the same thing. I mean I was just putting the lil in front of it, because that's just how it came out. Essentially it's just the same thing like having a bunch of homies there and just like hanging out, loud music, turning up and some dancing for sure.

    Cambio: And the ratio is right?
    Myles: The ratio is right. Dang, I'm gonna put that in my notes right now. That sounds like a song title right there.
    Kalin: The ratio has to be right. More girls than guys, maybe just no guys.
    Cambio: You guys said the "ratio is right" about a function the last time I interviewed you. I can't take credit for that.

    A photo posted by KalinAndMyles (@kalinandmyles) on

    Cambio: Speaking of girls, what do you look for in a girl?
    Myles: The number one thing that I look for in a girl would be maturity. I think that's something that I'm always attracted to. That's probably my number one.
    Kalin: My number one and I would probably say, just like a sense of humor, when people put up with my weirdness and my silliness. I think then we'll be all good.

    Cambio: What can a member of the KAMFAM do to get your attention at a show?
    Kalin: Wear a basketball jersey.
    Myles: I tend to notice people like waving their arms like in unique motions a lot.

    Cambio: What can fans expect from your upcoming Christmas shows?
    Kalin: It's actually coming up right around the corner. First one is starting Dec. 4 in Orlando and you know we've got LA and the Bay Area, but they can expect definitely some high energy levels. We're going to try to bring some new production and the biggest thing I would say is the album. We're going to be performing a lot of new songs. Super excited just to finally have our own show and bring Crazy for Christmas back, it's going to be very lit. 'Tis the season to be lit.

    Cambio: What can the KAMFAM expect from you guys in 2016?
    Kalin: We just announced that we're going to be going on tour in Europe. So we're going to be hitting Paris, Germany, London and Manchester, so we're super excited for that. That's pretty much what we're focusing on right at the beginning and also we want to not wait any longer than we did to put out this album so we're definitely going to be working a lot more music for sure.

    Get Kalin and Myles' new album on iTunes and tickets to Crazy for Christmas here.

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    You might have noticed that things look a little different on Cambio (and some of your other favorite sites) today. No, we didn't just decide to give the site a new look, we've just gone red for the day and here's why...

    As you might already know, today is World AIDS day - a day designated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, and mourning those who have died of the disease.

    AOL Inc. has partnered with (RED), an organization with a very simple, yet very powerful mission: to make it easy for people and businesses to join the fight against the deadly virus.

    The sad truth is that, AIDS has killed more than 34 million people since it was discovered in 1983 AND more than 37 million people are currently living with HIV. Mothers can also pass the virus to their children during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

    To date, (RED) has raised more than $320 million for the cause and has benefitted the lives of over 60 million people affected by the disease around the world, with a special focus on eight African countries. They are also focused on helping ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV in pursuit of their goal of delivering the first AIDS-free generation.

    To learn more about (RED) and the incredible work they're doing - and to find out how you can help - visit their website or check out the video below.

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    Kylie Jenner is revealing A LOT in the new issue of Interview magazine. But more important than the sexy photoshoot is the interview itself, in which Kylie shares a lot of interesting things about her that we never knew.

    One thing, for example, is that she totally fangirls over Lady Gaga, just like we do! But given that Kylie is who she is, she's actually had the chance to chat with Mother Monster and reveals that Gaga gave her some great advice when it comes to handling haters and bullies. "I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga," she told them. "She came up to me and was like 'I think you're so amazing...' and she basically told me not to change. And I feel like that really helped me."

    Also in the interview, Kylie surprisingly reveals that she doesn't even like getting all glammed-up, even though she is literally hair and makeup goals every single time that she does! "I would probably just never dress up," she confesses, when asked what she would do if she had it her way. "I would never wear makeup because I honestly hate wearing makeup. Lately, I've just been so over it. I feel like I'm way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time."

    So, to all of those people that are saying Kylie is "too young" to be all glammed up all the time, she actually agrees, but she also works her butt off and it's part of the job that she can't really opt out of when she has photoshoots, red carpets and other events that require it.

    For more from Kylie's interview (and more pics - including one that COULD break the internet Kim Kardashian-style), head on over to their website.

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